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COVID-Related Partnership Disputes? HR Issues?
Lease Renegotiation? We Can Help
Within days of Governor Cuomo’s “New York State on PAUSE” Executive Order in March, CMM led the way with the launch of a first-of-its-kind coronavirus hotline, providing free, immediate guidance to business owners and employers fighting for survival.

As Long Island continues reopening in Phase 4, our Coronavirus Response Team continues to provide critical counsel to businesses navigating unprecedented challenges.

  • Partnership Disputes and Business Succession: Due to the prolonged economic disruption of COVID-19, many business owners are looking to plan for the next generation of their business, dissolve partnerships, or creatively restructure their businesses. Contact Joe Campolo.
  • HR Questions: Employers turn to us for guidance on the complex employment issues they now face including workplace safety, sick leave, remote work, healthcare and HIPAA issues, benefits plan administration, closures, worker’s compensation, wage and hour, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and more. Contact Christine Malafi.
  • Commercial Lease Renegotiation: CMM’s busy commercial leasing practice has taken on new urgency as businesses continue to weather the economic fallout of the pandemic. We have helped countless businesses renegotiate their commercial leases and stay afloat. Contact Arthur Yermash.
  • Banking Issues: CMM has worked with many Long Island businesses to renegotiate their financial instruments and bank lines. We also work closely with accountants and financial professionals to offer key guidance on cash flow management, PPP, and more. Contact Don Rassiger.

As in good times, CMM is here to help businesses become as strong and resilient as possible. Don’t go it alone – CMM can help you get through this. Contact us today

Business Divorce: Negotiating with Your Business Partner
Negotiating in the Time of COVID
By Joe Campolo
"Due to the prolonged economic disruption of COVID-19, the reality is that many business partnerships will disband. Whether you’re buying out a partner, want to sell your interest, or close up shop and move on, the goal is to do so in a way that maximizes the value of the hard work you’ve put into the business."
Join Joe Campolo and Peter Klein for their weekly webinar to hear from Suffolk County Economic Development Commissioner Natalie Wright about job creation and retention, bridging the budget gap, investment in businesses, and other critical economic issues impacting life on Long Island. Dave Calone, CEO of Jove Equity Partners and Co-Coordinator of Suffolk County Forward, the county’s new COVID-19 business and job support programs, will also join us to discuss how businesses can take advantage of these new programs.