COVID-19 Response

We have a number of announcements to make and supports that we would like to provide to you in the following message. Please read the message below and take appropriate actions.

Our Annual General Meeting scheduled for March 25 is postponed, the new date is May 20. All tickets will be transferred to this new date, should this date not work for any ticket holders please get in touch with us for a refund. Also note that with the ever changing situation, we will monitor this date and if needed will postpone again.

We will also not be planning any other events until such time that we are given the all clear to continue with our operations are normal.

Our office is closed now closed to the public until further notice. Members and other individuals needing service should call the office or email

Please note that we are planning to still staff the office for the time being but that may change in the days ahead. If we do close the office we will be working virtually.

Workplace Education
Our workplace education classes are currently on hold, we are working to start up a number of new courses but there will be a delay to this and the current course will not be running for a number of weeks.
Atlantic Chamber of Commerce Survey

It is now quite clear that the mitigation efforts to combat spread of the Covid-19 virus are and will have significant effects on all Canadians and the economy in general.

In order for governments to implement effective programs to minimize the personal and commercial impacts, they need to be fully aware of how businesses are working with their employees to safeguard their well-being and maintain operations where possible.

This survey will help us tailor our messages to government in an effort to make sure they are aware of the scope of impacts on Atlantic Canadian businesses and the economy.

Thank you for your participation and assistance. 
Measures to delay and reduce the spread of COVID-19 are already having financial and economic consequences regionally, nationally, and internationally which will grow with the duration and severity of this situation. Canada and other countries have started to implement policies to help mitigate these economic impacts.

APEC is responding by dedicating its research resources to provide insights and analysis as the economic impacts of COVID-19 unfold in Atlantic Canada, which will be available at  www.apec-econ/covid

As a first step, please join us for this free webinar on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 from 2 pm - 3 pm ADT.
To help businesses prepare for and manage the COVID-19 escalation in Canada, the Canadian Chamber has developed a brief guide source from a number of best practice documents and designed to assist business planning and continuity efforts.

Please review all of these resources to help you plan.


Nova Scotians can find accurate, up-to-date information, handwashing posters and fact sheets at  .

Anyone who has travelled outside of Canada or has been in close contact with someone who has travelled and are experiencing fever (above 38 C) and/or new cough should complete the online questionnaire before calling 811. The online questionnaire can be found at:

Government of Canada:
Government of Canada toll-free information line 1-833-784-4397 Nova Scotia Public Health offices:

Key Information Tools from Economic Development Canada
Business Supports
Work-Sharing Program - Temporary special measures / Programme de travail partagé - Mesures spéciales temporaires:
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – Employment and Social Development Canada

Export Development Canada COVID-19:
Business Development Bank of Canada – Support for Entrepreneurs impacted by coronavirus  :

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Resources for Canadian businesses / Maladie à coronavirus (COVID-19) : Ressources pour les entreprises canadiennes
COVID-19 subscription for Public Health Updates: