Dear Parents and Guardians,

It's almost here! The faculty and staff at Trinity are so anxious to welcome our Blazers back to school! Whether your daughter will be with us in person or virtually, we can't wait to see her. The directional stickers are on the floor, the classroom cameras have been installed and shortly you will be receiving information about the symptom-checker app that we will be deploying for anyone who comes to campus (students, faculty and staff included). 

I can assure you that Trinity has taken every precaution, and has a plan in place that will follow the CDC recommendations for school openings. For those of you who have opted for eLearning, we have upgraded our technology. Of course, whether eLearning or on campus, your daughters' experience this fall will be very different. However, next week will be a new experience for us all. As usual, you have our commitment to do our very best. In return, we ask that if you see something that we've missed, or if your daughter brings a concern to your attention, please let one of the administrative team members know as soon as possible. We expect there will be technology snags and unforeseen obstacles. There is no handbook for these circumstances other than the one all the schools are currently in the process of writing as we go. Because this is new, there are new steps that many schools have implemented this year. Please read this agreement (whether your daughter is in person or eLearning) and complete this linked form by Monday, August 24th. We request your assistance, your grace, and your prayers with this endeavor. One thing that has not changed, is that the moment your daughters are here (physically or virtually) we will be focused on reminding them how much they are loved and cherished here at Trinity. 

Thank you for travelling this road with us. One of the first things I heard at Trinity was Mrs. Bedell telling parents that we are in a partnership with you. We need that more than ever right now. Together, we can make sure that this year is the best it can be for all of your daughters.

Laura Curley