COVID-19 Update 7.0
San Juan County - Utah's Canyon Country
Friday 20 March 2020
Dear Partner-

Today San Juan County and San Juan Public Health released the following statement encouraging visitors and residents to heed the following recommendation, "We ask all visitors, potential visitors, and county residents to please stay home. Avoid all unnecessary travel, right now. Avoid all leisure traveling, right now. Let's all wait this out together. We encourage you to come visit us when this is over. For visitors who are already in the area, please refer to: or call 1-800-574-4386 as you plan your departure to be with your loved ones during this unprecedented event."
As a small business owner please take some time to review some of the paid leave provisions included in the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and the implications it could have on small businesses. If you have a concern or any questions, we would urge you as a small business to consider sending an email to our representative Senator Mike Lee ( using this link ).
Governor Herbert's Economic Response Task Force update:

Recording from the first Facts & FAQ's:
People ask "Why San Juan?" Truthfully, it is because of times like these when the true grit of our businesses show, and the good deeds between neighbors flow. With that we would love to shed some light on the positive by sharing the small deeds and ingenuity of our local businesses. As you are in your communities please help us share by tagging the following in your social media channels. We've started highlighting a couple at the bottom of our email.

#SanJuanStrong : For any creative tacts businesses are using to service their customers, we can all learn from each other.

#MonumentalMoment: For any positive or glass-half-full moments during this time.
We are continuing to encourage everyone to take the following survey showcasing the impacts of COVID-19 on their business to ensure the voices of San Juan County businesses are heard as policies are made.
If you are considering to apply for SBA disaster relief funding we understanding the process can be somewhat daunting. We've linked SBA's 3-step application process as well as a loan assistance application guide.
Current San Juan County Updates
Many of our local businesses are doing what they can to keep their doors open and services available to our residents.

Click here for our director of county businesses and their temporary COVID-19 hours, adjusted operations, and offerings.

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San Juan Strong
Many of our local businesses have taken the time to get creative in their business models allowing them to stay open & make sales while still encouraging social distancing. Comb Ridge Bistro pushed out this concept of sending instant e-gift cards to friends near and far!
Help us find these innovative business practices by tagging #SanJuanStrong
Monumental Moment
Let's take a moment to recognize the positive moments in our community. Crystal Breedlove , of Monticello, created the Pandemic Surplus Items of Monticello group. This Facebook group was created so that the community could come together to share and help each other "instead of feeling like it's every man for themselves during this difficult time."
Help us find these moments by tagging #MonumentalMonument
For business and tourism industry updates please refer to:

We are aware of the concern many businesses have, particularly those impacted by the travel industry. This web page is intended to be a resource for businesses regarding changes in the travel industry as well as business relief funding options as they become available.

Please note, this web page is not intended to be a source for updates on COVID-19. For up to date information on COVID-19 please visit the state of Utah’s Coronavirus (COVID-19)  information hub :
Please feel free to contact our office with any questions 435-587-3235 or 800-574-4386
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