November 18, 2020

To: All Members
From : Stefanie Tuff, Assistant Executive Director
Re: COVID-19 School Re-entry Guidance for NLTA Members - UPDATED

The Association continues to receive a high volume of contacts from members regarding the reality and challenges of school re-entry during the ongoing pandemic and public health emergency. Government’s K-12 Education Re-entry Plan and Public Health Guidance for K-12 Schools, as well as school district plans for operationalizing school re-entry for staff and students within the limits of the government frameworks are understandably generating questions and concerns. The NLTA remains active and persistent in its advocacy efforts to influence decision makers, raising issues and questions and proposing ideas and alternative approaches, both publicly and in meetings with government and school district officials.

While government’s K-12 Education Re-entry Plan clearly states that employee safety is a priority and collective agreements are to be respected, your Association is providing the following guidance to all members on how to address specific areas of concern if/as they arise. This guidance is based on the information available to date, and updates may be provided if/as government, Public Health and school district decisions evolve.

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Sick Leave - Updated

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