Dear St. Paul Families,

We have a responsibility to each of you to provide the safest environment for the further education of your children. We have taken every precaution to ensure that end, and I promise you we will perform to the very best of our ability. There are two important components to reopen our school building for in-person instruction.   

First is our school’s mitigation plan, or the “how” as outlined in the Task Force Reopening Rams Report . This plan outlines strategies St. Paul School will implement to reduce the spread of COVID-19 among students and staff such as 6 ft. social distancing and wearing masks. To insure that this plan works for the protection of all requires total cooperation from everyone in following the guidelines we have laid out. Christ told us that our second most important task in life was to “love our neighbor as ourselves", so let us remember this as we begin the school year and be every bit as protective of others’ families as we are of our own. 

The second is our response to COVID-19 in school or “what” to do when someone on site shows COVID-19 symptoms. Below we are providing more information about our COVID-19 Sick Student Protocol this year. 

If you have any questions, we encourage you to watch this slideshow and conversation with our School Nurse Mrs. Betsy Johnson. The video is a bit lengthy (~25:00 min.) so we have included the video topics and times when they are addressed and answered below.

God bless you and please stay safe. We will see you soon.  
Dr. Carol Walsh
  • 0:30 General Notes & Where does this COVID-19 sick protocol come from?
  • 3:00 Our Perspective of Abundant Caution, Health and Safety
  • 4:31 COVID-19 Symptoms
  • 6:15 What happens if my child is presenting with COVID-19 symptoms?
  • 8:40 What are the options if my child is presenting with COVID-19 symptoms?
  • 12:15 What if my child is COVID-19 positive?
  • 14:40 What happens to other St. Paul siblings if one child in the family is presenting with COVID-19 symptoms?
  • 16:55 What happens when a person at St. Paul is confirmed to be COVID-19 positive?
  • 19:48 What is "close" or "significant" exposure to a COVID-19 positive case? Does everyone in the class or school have to quarantine if we have a COVID-19 positive case?
  • 22:50 What happens if I find out that my child has been required to quarantine due to a "close exposure" to a COVID-19 positive case?
  • 23:30 that happens if a staff member tests positive for COVID-19?