April 1, 2020
Good Morning,

The EFS Mod Updates to capture the COVID-19 coding was deployed last night. Providers can submit attendance today. As a reminder, we MUST have the attendance documentation to process attendance. 

For School Readiness (SR) this would be:    
  • Sign in/Sign-out Sheets (In Alphabetical Order)
  • Rilya Wilson Forms

For Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) this would be:  
  • Sign-in/Sign-out Sheets
  • VPK Child Attendance and Parental Choice Short Form (OEL-VPK 03S)  or VPK Child Attendance and Parental Choice Long Form (OEL-VPK 03L)

We understand that providers who use electronic attendance and/or the VPK Child Attendance and Parental Choice forms (short and long) may not be able to obtain the parental verification signatures.  Please submit the unsigned forms. Providers should work diligently to obtain the signatures once the children return and upload the signed documents as soon they are able to get signatures.

Our final request would be for owners/directors to send us a cell/contact phone numbers for use during processing to ensure any issues are resolved timely. You can send the contact information to the Redline at: redline@elcnwf.org. Please be sure to list the program name in the subject line.

Our goal is to quickly process the attendance submission so that funds can be distributed to Providers timely. If you have questions, please submit them to redline@elcnwf.org.

Thank you,

Suzan Gage
Executive Director
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