Hosted by Dialogue on Diversity

Monday, August 31st, 2020
3:00pm - 4:30pm
(a Zoom Webinar)
What You Will Learn ...
Economic Prediction in a World Turned Upside Down
The Obscure Giant: A Pharmaceutical Complex and its Costs: New Departures in Research, Lightning-Speed Trials, Mass Production —
A Manhattan Project Redux
The Meanings and the Tasks of Social Justice
History of a Concept Are there Duties to a Society‘s Members
to Repair the Harms Each has Suffered — Most Blamelessly —
From Storms and Drought, Monetary Disorders and Economic Depression
Crippling Sickness Acts of the Public Enemy
The Chief Front — Education, PreK - 16, and STEM / STEAM
A New Model : Creative Destruction
Will New Worlds Emerge from Catastrophic Disruptions? When, if ever, is Human Capital Worthless? When Must Exhortation Give Way to Reconstruction? Moving the Foundations: Used Parts, the Steel and Stone of Governance, in a New Architecture
  • Should there be prompt, full sharing of all research on the COVID-19 problem among all researchers globally ?  Are “silos” (and concomitant concerns over “stealing” of research) a healthy environment for competition in research ?
  • Does the term “social justice” have any clear meaning ? More than one meaning ?
  • Can legislation be enacted with the label “Social Justice” ? or must it be enacted without sociological or philosophical undertones ?   
  • Should the pharmaceutical industry form a consortium to direct research and production? What of Competition? Is there such a thing as Managed Competition ?
  • If relief funds are to be granted for persons harmed by the epidemic and recession, should they be given equally whether or not the recipient was at all at fault ? — missed deadlines, mismanaged small business enterprises ?   
  • What are the advantages of no-fault relief funds ?  Regard for the human person (and dependents) with no questions asked ?  Maintenance of an industrial / commercial system for revival in a more robust economy ?
  • Is the experience of today’s massive funding of relief projects in the epidemic-and-recession emergency likely to displace a classical budget-balancing principle in public finance? 
  • What is the role of the STEM/STEAM educational programs in powering an economic and social “reconstruction”?  And the special role of the “A”?
  • What novel features in economy and society are likely to emerge from the instant recession ? Suburb vs. Urban Core reversed ?  Air vs. Rail. vs. Contemporary Cars ? A re-trained workforce ?
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