DaVinci and Nikolai sending Alpen Love
It's been a difficult few weeks for all of us around the world.

COVID-19 has touched our lives in one way or another with local lockdowns, self isolation and quarantine. It is having a real impact on all of us - our daily routines, our work, our families and friends.

On the bright side , our beloved pets are benefiting from us being at home with them. Listen to them and love them all the more, for their unconditional love should remind us that there is hope and that this will eventually pass.
We at Alpen Schatz want to reassure you that life is still going on and we are here for you. There are still birthdays, anniversaries, new babies and perhaps a new furry member of the family on which to dote.

Although, unable to visit loved ones for that special occasion, or perhaps even ill with the virus or something else, why not remind them how much you love them by sending them a gift to say " I love you and am thinking of you ".

As we all continue to navigate our “new normal” together, Alpen Schatz is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for our staff and ensuring our Alpen Schatz fans continue to receive the utmost attention to speedy order fulfilment and customer service enquiries.

Current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidance continues to indicate there is no evidence the virus is spread through the mail and parcels. So now is the time to shop online and to safely send those you are separated from that special something to cheer them up and let them know you care.

With healing love and a big dose of healthy hope -

Mary Dawn and Adam - your Alpen Schatz Team
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Endearing Testimonials from our Happy Customers
Hi Mary Dawn,
I just received my new collar for my Berner, Finn! It is beautiful, and I wanted to share a photo of him wearing it with you. I spoke to a gentleman on the phone about buying the collar, I’m not sure what his name was, but if you could make sure he sees the photos I would appreciate it. We had a nice chat about our beautiful Berners!
Thank you,
Hello- hope you all are well!
My Welsh Terrier, now 12 has been wearing your Red & Black Swiss Cow collars for 12 years! Everyone who sees them are in awe❤️❤️❤️

Luna's new collar from Alpen Schatz!


Got the first collar, it looks real good on him.

Thank you from Mickey.
Mary Dawn-

Rupert's La Cinopelca rolled harness and leash set fit purrrfect!

Thanks again so much,

Toronto, Canada

A great "Lockdown" stay at home project:

of your beloved pet or yourself enjoying your Alpen Schatz treasure and we will feature you in an upcoming Newsletter and on our Instagram @alpenschatz and Facebook Page Alpen Schatz Boutique

Stay Clean and Healthy
Orme Naturali Skin, Fur and Teeth Care
It's stay at home and spring clean time for our cherished four legged friends!

Whilst at home and looking for projects, why not give fido a revitalizing freshening up?

Nikolai can attest for his super white teeth kept perfectly clean and smelling fresh by Orme Naturali's all natural Dental Spray with Enzymes . His brilliantly white muzzle and chest and healthy, silky coat are kept clean by Orme Naturali's moisturizing Green and White Clay Shampoos and finished off with the wonderful smelling Balsam Conditioner .

Note that Orme's professional quality all natural shampoos and conditioners go a long way, as they dilute 1:10 for washing. Grooming sizes available.
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