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Covid-19 Survey Results
Mid April, the Lonsdale Chamber & EDA created a survey to help identify the business and economic impact of COVID-19 in the Lonsdale area. Thank you to those that participated, we are eager to review these results and determine best practices.

1. Is your business considered an Essential or Non-Essential business?
72.7% Essential
27.2% Non-Essential

2. What type of business are you? Please provide NAICS industry code or title in comments.
Grocery Store
Subway Restaurant
Automotive Repair
Financial Investment Advisor
Housing With Services/Assisted Living
Financial service
Livestock and pet foods
Bar and Grill
Municipal Liquor Store
Chiropractor 621310
Meat Processor
Automotive Repair
Carpenter Handyman
Floral shop
Non-profit Education
Local Government
Auto Repair

3. Is your business open?
50% Yes, with regular hours
36.3% Yes, with limited hours
13.6% No

4. Has your business had to lay off or furlough employees?
27.2% Yes
72.7% No

5. Have you received communication regarding the available Federal/State assistance programs?
95.4% Yes
4.5% No

6. Do you know the process to access/utilize any of the assistance programs?
86.3% Yes
13.6% No

7. Do you need assistance accessing any of these assistance programs?
4.5% Yes
95.4% No

8. Has your business utilized any Federal or State assistance program?
27.2% Yes, we have applied for both Federal and State Assistance programs
27.2% Yes, we have applied for Federal Assistance programs
0% Yes, we have applied for State Assistance programs
45.4% No, we have not applied for any assistance at this time

9. Has your business received any funding through Federal/State grants, loans or advances?
27.2% Yes, we have received funding
27.2% No, we are still waiting
45.2% No, we have not applied

10. Do you have a "Return to Work" plan in place?
31.8% Yes
36.3% Working on it
31.8% No

11. What would you like the Chamber of Commerce, EDA & City of Lonsdale to do in response to COVID-19 to better assist your business?
Nothing needed at this time
Supply us with local grants
Please look at offering a Emergency Relief Grant
Waive assessment,or water bill
Keep the communication coming
No comment
We are not in need of any other assistance
Nothing needed at this time
Don't need any assistance
They have been helpful
I'm good!
Not sure they can help
Anything to help cut operating costs, taxes?
I am ok at this time
Have done a great job with information already
Work with gov to get us open
Let families know all their educational options.
The e-mails have been helpful
Keep up the good work
All have been doing great.

12. Other concerns, suggestions or comments you would like to provide?
Nothing at this time
Like Montgomery has done
Design a small grant program?
I've been fortunate to be able to work during this
Thanks for assisting the businesses that need it
COVID hours M-Sat 11am to 7pm,keep employees safe!
None at this time
Not at this time
Hoping businesses can open soon with safety 1st
None at this time
Thank you for reaching out.
Thank you for keeping us up to date.

As the chamber continues to advocate for small businesses, we urge Governor Walz to consider a more rapid and equitable approach to safely open businesses of all sizes. Please read copy of our letter to Governor Walz sent today. "As chambers of commerce, we stand ready to ensure our members are prepared to open – that they have instituted health and safety protocols for their workers and customers and have a preparedness plan in place. We are confident in their ability to do the right thing and are working with them, each and every day to understand and employ best practices. In fact, we believe if allowed, will do it better than their larger counterparts. It’s time to get Minnesota moving again, in the safest way possible for employees and customers, while protecting businesses of all size. Minnesota’s long-term economic future is counting on it".  

Business hasn't stopped, and your Chamber hasn't either. We're all in this together.......Stay healthy!
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