COVID-19 Take Two

As promised, we wanted to follow up with you on the latest news.  Unfortunately, we aren’t sure what this means for our dentists and their teams at this time.

We are sure you have seen that the ADA is fighting hard to make sure that dental practices are exempt from the required payment of 12 weeks of family leave. However, at this moment, dentists and their practices are not exempt. We are waiting on the 3 rd bill to be passed in Congress and for the Department of Labor to issue regulations.

We apologize for not having more definitive information. Our ADCPA group (with some amazing minds in the group) are still searching for answers. All we can say, is “stay tuned!”

One last bit of good news (for us at least) is the April 15 deadline has been extended to July 15. This means both the tax returns and dollar amounts owed for 2019 taxes and first quarter (second quarter?) are all now due by July 15 th . While this is good news for us, we still request you send in your 2019 tax return information as soon as possible. Thank you if you have already sent us information. We will be working hard to get your returns to you!