COVID-19 Response Task Force
Caring for One Another
Four weeks into shelter in place and many of us are weary and in need of care.
This week’s COVID-19 Response update is dedicated to caring resources,
along with our ongoing financial information that you’ll find below.
May the peace of Christ be with you!

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30
What's Your Emotional Temperature?

Emotional and Spiritual Care Webinars from Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. Building Resilience Webinars (one-hour, view online or download) for Faith Leaders and one to share with General Audiences ( use this flyer for your newsletter).

"This one- hour program is designed to increase participants’ understanding of their own signs of stress and to teach in-the-moment tools to engage the relaxation response in body and mind."
Stilling the Storm: Worship and Congregational
Leadership in Difficult Times
Kathleen S. Smith

The key thesis of the book is that “ when congregations go through difficult times, those difficulties affect the worship life of the congregation, and the practice of worship will itself be a key part of the congregation's healing process.” (page xxi) Although the author did not even imagine a crisis such as the present one, one chapter was very helpful as I think about what to do in the Sundays following Easter. These ideas may be useful to you as you consider worship in the weeks to come. Please read this helpful overview by Pastor Christina Berry.
Revised End of Life Worship Resources

PCUSA Office of Theology and Worship has adapted portions of the 2018 Book of Common Worship to offer prayers and comfort during today’s trying circumstances. “Prayer at the Time of Death” and “Comforting the Bereaved” are now available with appropriate modifications. See more.
What Does Caring Look Like These Days?

  • Sending cards and letters to church members - especially those unconnected on the web (priceless!)
  • Gathering small groups via Zoom to do a little bible study and a lot of chatting
  • Doing 'drive-by' visits to members while video-taping their greetings from a safe distance (*unprofessionally combined with a simple movie app) (see Fulton's)
  • Standing outside a nursing home window with a smile, encouragement or flowers and this week's bulletin/newsletter
  • Engaging your youth in helping with techie ideas and plans*

What are you doing that you would like to share? Drop us a line!
McCormick Theological Seminary Trauma Symposium
Thursdays in April, 12-1:30 pm CST
Videos will be linked in. 

April 9: Connecting COVID, Trauma and Mental Health 
(Video to come)

April 16: Vulnerable Children in Times of Heightened Stress 

April 23: COVID Grief Is Different 

April 30: Health & Immunity 

The event is free, but registration required.
Please  see/share the attached flyer  and register online:  


Q. Can my church apply for both the Paycheck Protection Program and the Board of Pensions dues assistance program?
A. Yes, although if you receive Board of Pensions assistance, the amount of the PPP loan you would be able to use for payroll would be reduced.

Q. What approval is needed to apply for the Paycheck Protection Program that is part of the CARES Act?
A. Because these are unsecured and do not encumber your real property, PPP loans only need to be approved by the session and the corporate trustees of your congregation. They do not need to be approved by the presbytery or your congregation. The one exception would be if your ecclesiastical or corporate by-laws require a different process for approval. Be sure to check your by-laws.
Financial assistance is available to churches as they meet hard times.
Don't delay in seeking information.

COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Grants and related resources  from Presbyterian Disaster Assistance. Limited funds - Apply by April 30!

CARES Act: Please refer to the PCUSA COVID-19 Resource page (under #6) for the latest information.
From Board of Pensions: Support for managing fears about coronavirus NEW

Blackhawk Presbytery COVID-19 page seeks examples of things you or your church are doing to "be the church". Short submissions welcome!

Please email the Presbytery office with your questions, concerns or suggestions. We are working from home and not monitoring the office phone.