July 26, 2020

Dear CIM Students,

CIM has partnered with University Hospitals and Case Western Reserve University to complete on-site COVID-19 testing for all in-person students for the fall semester. Testing will occur at the Residence Hall at 1609 Hazel Drive on weekdays beginning on Monday, July 27, from 6 to 8:15pm. You can sign up for an appointment here .

Right now, appointments can be booked for July 27 through July 31 and appointments for August 3 through August 10 will be posted as soon as our testing partners confirm them. Like most states and countries, the time it takes for test results to be reported is variable depending on the availability of testing supplies and lab services capacity. Our partners have advised us that test results will be reported within 96 hours (4 days) of taking the test.

Initially, individual test results will be couriered to CIM, where students will be notified to retrieve them. Students will then need to share the result with the Office of Student Affairs. Upon submission of a negative test result, students will be granted access to the entire main building and to the practice rooms at 1609 Hazel. We are hopeful that results can be delivered electronically in the near future, and will communicate any changes to this process as necessary.

Positive test results will also be communicated to University Health and Counseling Service. UH&CS will immediately reach out to the student directly and work with CIM to provide necessary assistance in coordinating care.

In summary:
  • Sign up for a testing appointment based on your arrival in Cleveland. (Testing is available weekdays from July 27-31; times for Aug 3-10 will be posted soon.)
  • CIM notifies you when results are available to pick up.
  • Retrieve results and share them with CIM’s Office of Student Affairs.
  • If NEGATIVE: you will be granted access to the main building and 1609 Hazel practice rooms.
  • If POSITIVE: the result will be reported to UH&CS, who will coordinate necessary care.
  • Reminder: As Maddi Tolliver’s email of July 22 said, no students may access the main building until they have received a negative test result through this process.

We are grateful for your participation in this important safety protocol for our campus community and for your patience as we continue to work with our testing partners on the final details.

Please contact me at david.gilson@cim.edu with any questions.

David Gilson
Associate Dean for Student Affairs