July 2020
HR & Safety News, Insights, and Updates  
Can Employers Require COVID Testing of Returning Employees?

As employers reopen businesses across Florida, many are wondering if they can require a negative COVID-19 test before an employee is allowed back to work.  As background, there are 2 types of COVID-19 testing - a test to determine the presence of COVID-19 virus (viral test) - and a test to determine if an employee has COVID-19 antibodies (antibody test).  Medical testing of employees is regulated .... Read the article.
Latest News on PPP Loans & Forgiveness

As of June 27, 2020, 4,798,187 PPP loans in an aggregate amount of almost $519 billion have been approved. Over 65% of these loans are under $50,000 and the overall average loan size is $108,000.  With approximately $134 billion still available for funding under the PPP, the last day a business could be approved for a PPP loan was June 30, 2020. The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives both unanimously passed legislation extending the deadline to Aug. 8, 2020, it is now awaiting President Trump's signature.  Read the latest on PPP  including how Loan Forgiveness is determined and reduced, and how to apply for Forgiveness.
Terminating an Employee for Misconduct while on Workers' Compensation

We were recently asked by a client about whether or not an employee on workers' compensation can be terminated for misconduct. I said yes, but explained that to cut off workers' compensation benefits the "misconduct" must meet a special definition.What is misconduct? FL Statutes, section 440.02(18) states that "misconduct" includes.....  Full blog
OSHA Publishes COVID-19 FAQs by Topic

OSHA published a dedicated webpae with frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers related to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.  Topics include: cloth face coverings, employer requirements, return to work, COVID-19 testing and worker protection concerns. OSHA has resources that describe how employers should develop preparedness plans and communicate those plans to protect workers through effective training. Employers should assess worker exposure to hazards and risks and implement infection prevention measures to reasonably address the hazards.  Read more.
Summer Camp Closed due to COVID-19? DOL says FFCRA paid leave is available to parents

New Department of Labor (DOL) guidance ( states that summer camps and enrichment programs are considered "places of care" under the FFCRA.  As a result, a closed summer camp or program may be considered to be the place of care if the child was enrolled in the camp or program before the closure was announced. Affirmative steps toward enrollment may also be sufficient evidence-e.g., submission of an application and/or a deposit pre-closure or signing up for a wait list pending reopening of the camp or program or its registration process. Read more.
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