May 26, 2020

Hello Rosa Coplon Families and Responsible Parties,

I’m very pleased to share that the Department of Health performed COVID-19 testing onsite this afternoon for all of our Rosa Coplon Living Center residents. This is part of New York State's plan to test all nursing home residents. Click here to view FAQ on diagnostic testing .

We believe that broad-based testing will identify cases more quickly and help us prevent and contain the spread of the virus, especially in individuals who are not showing symptoms. We currently do not have any residents onsite with symptoms of COVID-19.

We anticipate that we may identify cases resulting from expanded testing, and we want to make you aware of this so that you are not alarmed.

Although we are unsure of the exact timing of when we will receive results, we will keep you updated. If your family member or loved one tests positive, we will contact you by phone and answer your questions about the protocols we have in place. Our daily cases continue to be updated by noon on our  family web page   (username: family; password: weinberg321).

Rest assured that the health and well-being of your loved one remains our top priority and we continue to follow strict infection control practices.
If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.
Matt McDougall
Administrator, Rosa Coplon Living Center

716-639-3311 ext. 2218
Weinberg Campus |