COVID-19 Threatens Summer of Joy
With our physical facility shut down because of the coronavirus, we are in danger of not having enough operating funds to keep our organization running ahead of summer.

The off-season workshops, conferences and retreats help pay our bills through May: bills that include supporting our staff, keeping the power on, and opening buildings for the summer months.

We have suspended events through the end of the month and will likely be cancelling more in the coming months. We are also practicing social distancing through the beginning of April. With the loss of revenue during this period we are in danger of losing our summer season as many of you are too.

Will you help us by sending an emergency relief gift right now??

Over the weekend I heard from two moms of new KFTE’s who are super excited about coming to Ferry Beach as campers for the first time. If we don’t have the funds to continue to pay our bills, we are worried about the summer season.

A gift right now will help us get over this challenging time with no revenue. Your gift means the difference between being ready for summer and not having one.

This is our transition year and we had a number of conferences and workshops lined up for the spring and fall season. Without the support of our spring activities in April through the end of May, we are challenged to pay our bills.

Your gift now helps provide us operating cash to get through these next few months with no revenue coming in.

Thank you so much.
Please help us during this difficult time!
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