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"Gardening isn't Canceled!"

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed or canceled a lot of things, but gardening doesn't necessarily have to be one of them. In fact, gardening is a healthy form of stress relief (as we all know!).

In an effort to get the word out to the public on the benefits of gardening, we would like to assemble a list of NJNLA-member garden retailers that are open for business and ready to serve the public in a "socially distant", healthy manner.

If you are a garden retailer and a current member of the NJNLA and would like your company listed on our public-facing website ( ), please provide the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Website
  • Open Hours (open as usual, open by appointment, etc.)
  • If you are accepting orders by phone, website, curbside pickup, or delivery
  • Any additional comments that you would like to provide to the customer

This information will be posted on our website and promoted via social media. To have your company included, click HERE to fill out your company information.

If you are a NJNLA member mail order company that serves the public, please fill out the survey as well (add in comments that you are mail-order only).
Support for the Floriculture Industry from the NJ Department of Agriculture

We are pleased to provide you with a letter that was written and distributed today by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture. Feel free to distribute this letter to customers or media outlets so we can get the word out that "Flowers are therapeutic and point the way to sunnier times" - a message we all need to hear right now.

Thank you to Secretary Doug Fisher for writing this letter.

Click HERE to read the letter.
Guidance for Nursery & Garden Centers during COVID-19
from the NJ Department of Agriculture

The horticultural sector is the largest in New Jersey agriculture, accounting for about $500 million annually in sales. It includes nurseries, greenhouses, sod producers and Christmas tree farms.

An Administrative Order declared nurseries and garden centers as essential business during the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore allowing them to stay open as long as they follow social distancing guidelines.

As people are being urged to stay at home to facilitate social distancing, the nursery and garden center sector provides an essential outlet for people to purchase plant materials and start a productive, healthy activity around their homes.

Business owners in this sector should keep in mind the various restrictions upon businesses in terms of operating hours and especially in terms of avoiding gatherings of more than 50 people at a time. Employees of these businesses should be mindful of proper biosecurity measures, including staying home from work if exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or being exposed to anyone who has tested positive for the virus, as well as wearing gloves and other protective equipment when interacting with customers.
Stay well. Stay informed. We're here to help.
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