During these most difficult times, our COVID Task Force has acted to balance the desire to keep our Shul open and keep our Shul as safe a place to be as possible. As such, we have used the best medical and Rabbinical advice available in guiding our decisions. We thank all the people coming to Shul and adhering to the protocols in place and demonstrate that we can have a platform for communal tefila in a safe and responsible environment. 

As you are most likely aware, the rates of infections and hospitalizations due to COVID continue to rise in Jacksonville. This continued trend is of great concern to us, and we continue to assess and evaluate our protocols during these precarious times. At this time, we cannot relax any of the guidelines that were implemented by the task force.

Please see the most recent updates from the taskforce:

  • Anyone from out of town must wait 14 days after they arrive in Jacksonville before coming to Shul.

  • Any shul member that travels out of town must wait 14 days after they arrive in Jacksonville before coming to Shul OR get tested for COVID upon their return to Jacksonville and found to be negative. 

  • If anyone was in known contact with anyone that tested positive for COVID, please wait 14 days before coming to Shul. 

  • Registration: To make it easier for members, it will be possible to register for Shabbos once a month for all the month's Shabbosim. Registration on Shabbos is essential for several reasons, including determining contact tracing if someone who attends shul tests positive for COVID.  Click here for Minyan Registration

  • High Holidays: We are actively preparing for the upcoming 5781 High Holiday season. We are currently exploring different options to facilitate a safe and healthy environment for communal prayers on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Please stay tuned for a survey that we will send out next week. Your input is valuable, so we can most effectively plan for these auspicious days.

With continued blessings for good health,
Etz Chaim Synagogue