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New AHCA / DOH Call Schedule -- Thursday Only

The Tuesday / Thursday conference call has moved to Thursday only beginning April 30. We will send a reminder notice next week.

Nursing Home Health & Regulatory Partner Call -- Every Thursday
4:15 p.m. EST
Room 8484844#

AHCA Changes Reporting Requirement Timelines for ESS

Today on the daily hospital call, AHCA Deputy Secretary Molly McKinstry said that AHCA was changing the reporting times in the ESS to only one time per day by 10:00 a.m. The 7 p.m. reporting is no longer required.

Additional Information Regarding the National Guard Testing of Staff in Assisted Living

FSLA learned that, beginning April 27 th , local Departments of Health (DOH) will be resuming testing activities in nursing homes and assisted living facilities from the National Guard. Guard members will remain on stand by if DOH needs their assistance to test.

Facilities that are contacted for testing will be vetted through the Agency for Health Care Administration’s Emergency Status System and the Florida Department of Health to avoid duplication of testing efforts. Testing is free for staff, voluntary, and the County Health Department may request the facility’s assistance in obtaining the consent of staff that agree to be tested.

Prior to arrival, the County Department of Health will contact the facility and verify willingness to participate and then again to schedule a time for the visit.

Testing may take more than one day, and test result time frames may vary depending on the county’s capabilities. Test results are returned to the individual tested; if a test is positive, the Administrator will also be informed. If the test is negative, the Administrator will not be notified. 

Testing is free for staff, voluntary, and the County Health Department may request the facility’s assistance in obtaining the consent of staff that agree to be tested. A physician’s order is not required for testing. 

When the County makes initial contact, ask which type of test will be used and the time frame for results returned. Since this is voluntary testing of staff with no symptoms, these are not Persons under Investigation and may continue to work while awaiting test results.

Positive results are reported to the ALF Administrator. Negative test results are only reported to individual; turn around time is 24 hours. So no news is good news.

FSLA members may direct questions to staff at (850) 496-2562 or at

"The List" Contains Contract Tracing Information

We have heard from many communities that they do not understand why the name of their community is listed on the Department of Health list.

This week, the Surgeon General provided the following information:

  • What are the criteria for inclusion? This involves individuals, staff members, residents, and anyone who has been "contact traced" or entered your building and then tested from March 2 forward.
  • Is there a timeline which in terms of when cases may individuals may be removed? At the present time DOH is building a cumulative list. If a facility had somebody with COVID-19 in the past and the person is not positive now, because it is a cumulative list the community is still on the list.
  • What happens if you think that there is a inaccuracy? In this situation contact your county health department and speak with the epidemiologist there who will be able to run to ground whether there is an inclusion that shouldn’t be. To date, FSLA has been able to work with the local county health departments to get several communities names removed from the list.

Because the list is currently cumulative, it may be difficult for a community with a previous case to be removed from the list. FSLA is working with both AHCA and DOH to find out if the list can be refined to distinguish between facilities that currently have versus previously had the virus.

Regarding inaccurate inclusion on the list, FSLA continues to press the state. I suggest that you also contact your county health department and ask them to explain why your community is on the list. For example, is your community on the list because it had a positive resident or staff member, or from a third party because of contact tracing? Please let us know if you receive any clarification from your county health department regarding why your community was placed on the list.

Yesterday, FSLA urged state regulators to further clarify what information is included in the published list of long-term care facilities affected by COVID-19.

The list is currently described as representing COVID-19 positive reports in staff or residents from long-term care facilities in Florida. However, the list also includes long-term care facilities that have been included in contact tracing investigations. 

Contact tracing investigations start with a person who has a positive test result and fans out to anyone that person may have had contact with while contagious. These exposed individuals may never contract the virus; they have simply been in contact with someone who tested positive. 

Unfortunately, this means some facilities have been included on the Department of Health list because of contact tracing, even though they have never had any positive test results among their staff members and residents. Some communities were surprised to find themselves included on the list without any prior notification from state regulators.

FSLA would like to encourage you to e-mail the Governor , your state Senator and state Representative and in your own words explain how being unfairly listed is causing problems for your residents, families, staff and community in general.

Be sure to identify the specifics of your situation that explain whether the community has never had a positive resident or staff, if your community was erroneously listed, or previously had a positive resident or staff member but is all clear now.

Consider using the address of your community to look up the legislators, and be sure to indicate in your email the name and address of your community and the fact that it is located in their district.

State Surgeon General Rivkees advised that facilities that believe they are on the DOH list in error should contact their County Health Department’s Epidemiologist to discuss their case and seek a correction.

Additionally, FSLA members can search in your app store and download our RallyWise app to look up and contact your senator and representative, as it is designed to give members an exclusive venue to track bills and to communicate with Legislators year round. 

FSLA: Here When You Need Us

The Florida Senior Living Association represents assisted living and memory care communities. That's us -- and we are keenly focused on representing your interests at the national, state and local levels. We have put together the best team of staff and consultants with the expertise and knowledge you want and need to represent your interests throughout the year, especially during a time of crisis.

  • Our National Partner -- Argentum is the nation's largest senior living association;
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COVID-19 is changing our ways of life, especially in long-term care. FSLA has been embedded in the state's Emergency Operations Center since Day One, answering your questions and getting the latest information and updates. Our staff members are in direct contact with state and local officials on a daily basis. And just this week, we successfully served as a conduit for an order of face masks for several member communities, bringing them the personal protective equipment they so desperately needed.

During the response to COVID-19, all of our information and updates are available to the long-term care industry, regardless of your membership status. Our COVID-19 page is public and our daily updates are available to anyone in our industry.
We've also closely monitored the state's rule-making process during this situation, working to ensure rules are not promulgated improperly or without the appropriate consideration. And we're working hand-in-hand with the Governor's Office and the Legislature on Emergency and Executive Orders, including discussions on funding for ALFs.
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