We want our clients to know that we are following all of the items as they evolve. What we have published here today is just what we know and is all subject to additional guidelines published by the IRS.

In an effort to quickly assist our clients with financial priorities (determining if 2019 needs to be filed, rush filing 2019 returns where needed, assisting with unemployment applications, assisting with sba loans, etc) we are implementing the following effective immediately thru April 10th:

  • If we have to rush file your 2019, we will not be charging rush fees, just normal filing fees. If we have to file amendment, it will be the normal amendment rate

  • Providing 15 minute free consultations for individuals. Additional 15 minute blocks will have to be schedule and will be $25 per $15. Please schedule a time here: Setup appointment with Abacus.

  • Limiting answering phone calls/emails

  • Suspending all other accounting/tax preparation activities (excluding payroll)