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AHCA Answers Additional Questions for Us Today

(FSLA apologizes for sending multiple emails to you on the same day, but we wanted to make sure to provide you with the latest information and answers to our questions from AHCA regarding testing.)

Just to keep you (and AHCA) in the loop.... Communities are receiving the emails from Curative. They instruct the communities to return the samples by a date before testing is to occur. The email below says to return the samples by  07/02 ; others have been as early as  06/30
Baseline testing has to be completed  between June 15 and July 7 , but these tests administered by the communities themselves (or DOH). It was my understanding that the Curative test kits were meant only for the bi-weekly tests, which doesn’t start  until July 21  (2 weeks  after July 7 ).
So, this is causing great confusion among communities.

Also some communities say the have to test over the weekend?


We have received questions about the receipt of tests from Curative that the facility does not need prior to July 7 th because they have completed their own testing. This response is being provided below.

The Curative tests are provided to assure facilities can test all staff prior to July 7th. Please use the kits now to test any remaining staff who have not been tested since June 15th prior to July 7 th and return on the date directed.

If your facility has already tested some or all staff since June 15, you may retain the remaining Curative test kits for the next biweekly test (due after July 7th). 

You may return them on the date you choose to perform your biweekly testing. 

Please follow instructions provided and ensure you complete the Testing Kit Return Confirmation for each shipment returned (website address below):

If the administrator did not get an email from Curative, they should check their spam/junk folders and also check their software to see if they can register the Curative support email to be accepted. After these steps, they can email for assistance.

CLICK HERE .or to bookmark the page in your internet browser, the website link is:

Curative, the company contracted by the Florida Division of Emergency Management to conduct the testing, has sent their welcome/instructional email to all nursing home and ALF administrators. The email contains a link to the Curative web page that provides:

  • Instructional video on how to collect a sample,
  • Checklist,
  • Test kit receipt/return confirmation forms,
  • Safety data sheet,
  • Software resource links,
  • Shipping instructions,
  • FAQs, and
  • Contact information for support.

If you did not receive an email from Curative, AHCA informed us that approximately 100 emails bounced back so please check your email address in the ESS. Also, if you did not receive an email from Curative, please check your spam/junk folders first and also check their software to see if they can register the Curative support email to be accepted. After these steps, they can email for assistance.

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