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July 2, 2020
Mandatory COVID-19 Testing for Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility Staff Logistics
Initial Testing Deadline Extended to July 10
On June 15, 2020, the Agency adopted   Emergency Rule 59AER20-4  and Emergency Rule 59AER20-5 . These rules require nursing home and assisted living facility staff to be tested for COVID-19 prior to entry into the facility on July 7th.
To alleviate the financial burden on providers associated with testing, the Division of Emergency Management has contracted with a single testing vendor, Curative Labs, Inc., to distribute the self administered testing kits by mail and/or courier directly to all facilities for staff testing. 

The Agency has received feedback from providers regarding some of the initial logistical challenges with this first distribution. While test kits have been sent to the majority of facilities, the significant volume of test kits required to address all Florida staff has contributed to delays in mailing and collection of kits.
The importance of proper implementation of testing is critical to ensure tests are conducted appropriately and effectively. Given the holiday weekend, the challenges of coordinating testing of all staff who may be taking holiday leave, and limitations due to shipping delays, the Agency has extended the initial deadline for staff testing until July 10
All facilities are required to come into compliance with the testing rules no later than the extended deadline. Working towards compliance includes an immediate focus on:

  • Opening and acknowledging the facility specific Curative email;
  • Reviewing Curative training materials regarding facilitating and monitoring test administration and process for safely shipping completed tests to the lab;
  • Ensuring daily updates into ESS of testing information: Curative test receipt, sample collection, and planned return dates.

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