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Visitation Ban Still in Effect for Now -- What It Really Means for Senior Living Communities

Many communities have been hopeful that the assisted living facility visitation ban and other restrictions would end today. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case.

The Governor just extended the State of Emergency, but we want to make sure communities understand the Governor’s action was not specifically intended to extend the visitation ban. At this point, we do not know how long the visitation ban will last.

The effective date for the  visitation ban  is linked to the Governor’s declaration of a  state of emergency . This is done for the sake of efficiency, because other state and federal waivers, agency emergency orders, increased funding allotments, etc. related to the state of emergency are also affected, and the extension is a procedural necessity.

Here at FSLA, our top priority has been ensuring the Governor and AHCA leadership understand the effect the visitation ban is having on our residents, at the same time ensuring that our residents are safe and not exposed to the virus. We are confident they do. The Governor, AHCA Secretary Mary Mayhew, Surgeon General Rivkees, and the Division of Emergency Management Agency, Jared Moskovitz, have all indicated their awareness of the issue and still the continued need for the visitation ban at this time.

FSLA has been and continues to be in contact with AHCA leadership regarding potential options for visitation, personal services, dining and recreation. Additionally, CMS and the CDC have issued guidelines for reopening, so hopefully if visitation is still prohibited, the state will look to the federal guidelines as a good barometer for how Florida will handle reopening visitation. We thought that the visitation ban would be lifted by now, but with the increased numbers of COVID positive throughout the state, we think the visitation idea was put on hold until the numbers stabilize.

We feel your pain and we know how worn out and frustrated you are at this point. FSLA continues to voice your concerns to legislators and agency staff. 

In conjunction with FSLA's advocacy, your voices matter. Please share your story with your elected officials.

Click below to find your legislators.

We know that visitation is important to you, your staff members, your residents and their families, and we will continue to push for the best option for everyone involved. Send your ideas to .
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