March 25, 2020

Dear Spring/Summer USTA Captains & Players,

We hope everyone is doing well during this challenging and complicated time. As we all know, this is a day-to-day and changing landscape, but we are working on league plans using various timelines for our 2020 USTA leagues. We are committed to doing everything in our control to run our spring/summer leagues and complete our nationally advancing leagues should the Covid-19 situation allow us to resume play. Currently,  USTA National has suspended all USTA play until May 3rd, 2020  ,  with that date of course being continually evaluated as more information becomes available.  Should we be able to resume in early May, then our spring/summer leagues will run somewhat normally    Should we resume later, then we will be looking at creative ways to run the leagues - which may include abbreviated seasons, different formats, or mini tournaments.  Sectional dates will be reassessed once we have accurate start dates. We won't go into much detail on the varying ideas now, as this will be decided once we have a more definite timeline. We will stay in touch with all of you as things progress. 

On another note, USTA Eastern is showcasing health care workers or other individuals from our Eastern Tennis Family who are on the front lines of the epidemic currently. Please visit our Facebook page - USTA Eastern Southern Region page to see an interview with a Long Island player and doctor. If any of you have a story for us, please reach out to Kate or me and we will send contact information to our marketing team. The article can also be found here:

For USTA updates on Covid-19 please follow this link: 

Even though we are all staying home, hopefully you can get out to your driveways to play some volley to volley drills, or mini tennis, or that you are able to get some tennis-specific workouts in. We can't wait to get tennis started again! 

Amy Guttman and Kate Jennings
Amy Guttman     Adult     League Coordinator, Southern Westchester-Rockland