COVID-19 Update
For all those who have not heard. On Monday, March 23rd, Ms. Miriam Lauterbach went to be the Lord. She passed in her sleep. Because of COVID-19, they won't be having a traditional funeral for her until after all the restrictions are lifted. Her daughter Marlette and a small number of family members will be doing a brief memorial as Miriam is being placed beside her husband. Your prayers for their family will be much appreciated. If you choose to reach out, please be patient and considerate as they are in a season of grieving.

Also, our dear sister Mystic lost her mother, Rose, on Thursday, March 26th. Please keep her in prayer, and if you have her number give her a call to comfort her. We will not be giving out her number or address. But between our deacons and our coming care plan, a group of people will be contacting and caring for her.

In the coming days a group of people from the church will be calling every person in the church. If you miss this call, please check your voicemail and respond. If you have not been contacted within the week, please call the office 410-833-7220 or email us . We'll be sure to collect your accurate info and add you to our list to be contacted.

Thank you for your prayers for our church during this time. Don't hesitate to reach out. Our church family is our priority. We don't want anyone to feel forgotten or for someone to fall through the cracks.

Be sure to watch both the Covid-19 Update video and the Care Plan for NWBC & Our Neighbors video below.

We love you and miss you. Take care.
Pastor Chris

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Pastor Chris about the
Care Plan for NWBC & Our Neighbors