A COVID-19 UPDATE TO MEMBERSHIP - Friday, May 1, 2020
Ontario to allow select businesses
to reopen on Monday
The Ontario government has announced they will be allowing some businesses to reopen their doors on Monday with strict guidelines.

By following the proper health and safety guidelines these businesses will be permitted to begin operations on Monday, May 4 at 12:01 am:
  • Garden centres and nurseries with curbside pick-up and delivery only;
  • Lawn care and landscaping;
  • Additional essential construction projects that include:
  • shipping and logistics;
  • broadband, telecommunications, and digital infrastructure;
  • any other project that supports the improved delivery of goods and services;
  • municipal projects;
  • colleges and universities;
  • child care centres;
  • schools; and
  • site preparation, excavation, and servicing for institutional, commercial, industrial and residential development;
  • Automatic and self-serve car washes;
  • Auto dealerships, open by appointment only;
  • Golf courses may prepare their courses for the upcoming season, but not open to the public; and
  • Marinas may also begin preparations for the recreational boating season by servicing boats and other watercraft and placing boats in the water, but not open to the public. Boats and watercraft must be secured to a dock in the marina until public access is allowed.
Free COVID-19 Webinars for Construction Sector
“Supporting Employees Mental Health during COVID-19”
On Monday, May 4 th at 3:00 PM - 4:15 PM, presented by the League of Champions
via Zoom Meeting

This is a difficult time for both businesses and their employees so it’s helpful to take some time to focus on mental health and effectively supporting our employees.

  • Dr. Katy Kamkar Ph.D. presents “Employees Mental Health Reaction to COVID-19”: Dr. Kamkar a Clinical Psychologist in the Psychological Trauma Program/Work, Stress and Health Program/Mental Health Program at the CAMH. Dr. Kamkar will focus on normal reactions, emotions and thoughts during COVID-19 and will discuss individualized self-care strategies for healthy and proactive coping including self-comparison, and supporting employees.
  • Julian Toy presents “Fit for Duty/ Mental Health Strategies During a Pandemic”: Julian Toy is a Substance Abuse Professional and Human Services Counselor. Julian’s article on his strategies for COVID 19 - Mental Health / Substance Abuse and the ICI Construction Industry is HERE.
For details and to register (before noon May 4th) click HERE .
Mitigating Workplace Risk and Leveraging
Government Assistance 

On May 1st, Sherrard Kuzz LLP and Thorsteinssons LLP are presenting a seminar covering:

  • Managing employee leaves in a pandemic and post-pandemic workplace
  • Health and safety considerations
  • Layoffs, recalls and terminations – mitigating risk.
  • Tax consequences to individuals receiving support under the Supplemental Unemployment Benefit (SUB) Program and Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB)
  • The 10% Temporary Wage Subsidy and 75% Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) – how employers can qualify and tax consequences when they do
  • Unique issues with the CEWS for owner-managers and groups of employers
DATE & TIME: Friday May 1 from 10AM-11AM
For more information click HERE
COVID-19 Litigation Briefs & Webinars

Presenters Kennaley Construction Law and Sherrard Kuzz LLP have provided many free webinars on navigating COVID19 litigation as it applies to the construction sector. Webinars take place every Tuesday at 9AM.

Next Tuesday's webinar will focus (among other topics including updates to COVID-19, employment and labour issues) on tendering issues in the context of COVID-19. Tendering will be important, going forward, because issues surrounding who bears the risks of increased costs and delays associated with the virus going forward will have to be addressed. Topics to be discussed will include how to best deal with tender packages that are silent on the issues or which assign risk in potentially unacceptable ways, as well as different ways the risks might be addressed through contractual and subcontractual language going forward.

For more information, past webinars/briefs and/or to register click HERE.
COVID-19 Links & Resources from CCA
Send This 30-second Auto Message to Your MP Regarding Construction Cost Reimbursement
The CCA has made this a 30-second exercise for its members. Request the federal government to alleviate some of the financial pressure the industry is experiencing by creating an Emergency COVID-19 Construction Cost Reimbursement Program . MP's need to hear from construction companies on this. Click HERE to view the CCA email , then c lick on the blue button which will link you to an auto-template; just fill in your details and your MP's information will automatically be added.
COVID-19 Links & Resources from COCA
For a list of construction-specific, up-to-date information covering latest news & announcements, guidance & best practice documents, and financial/government subsidies/support, click HERE.
Send This 30-second Auto Message to Your MPP to Achieve Relief from Delay Claims
The Council of Ontario Construction Associations (COCA) is your voice at Queen’s Park.

COCA is seeking relief for contractors like you from delay claims that have been caused by the COVID19 pandemic. Because their usual methods of lobbying have been curtailed as a result of the pandemic, COCA has turned to a digital advocacy tool. If you have not already done so,   please click here   and enter your home address and your email address and send a message supporting COCA to your MPP. It is simple and takes about 30 seconds of your time. We encourage you in the strongest way possible to participate. And after you do, forward this message to your work colleagues, your workers and everyone you know in the industry. Please help out.
The more people from our industry that participate, the much greater is the chance of securing the relief our industry needs. Many thanks for your help.
COVID-19 Links, Previous Webinars, Briefs & Resource from OGCA

Niagara Area Building Inspections, Permits, Planning Offices - Update by Municipality
The NCA has compiled updates from Niagara's municipal building and planning departments, including building inspections, building permits, planners' availability, and more. Click HERE .
REPORT YOUR STATUS - COVID-19 Niagara Construction Job-Site/
Office Closures/Restrictions/Business Notices

To assist our members in sharing the status of their companies/projects at this time, we are posting your  job-sites and/or office closures, business notices and/or restrictions  here  .

Please complete form  here   for us to post the information on our website  or tag us with your changes on Facebook and/or Twitter. Or, just  email  and let us know your updated information.
The Niagara Construction Association (NCA) is monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and will do what we can to ensure members have up-to-date information by communicating through e-blast, social media posts, and  COVID-19 RESOURCES. (please navigate the drop-down menu for industry-specific news, updates, information, and links).
Please do not hesitate to contact me at karin@niagaraconstruction.org with any concerns or questions, or suggestions to our website/eblast COVID-19 information.

Thank You,

Karin Sheldrick
General Manager