From the Desk of the Business Manager
In the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) and to keep you informed of the latest news affecting IBEW Local 43, we are providing you with the following: 
Brothers & Sisters:
To clear up any confusion regarding IBEW Local 43 & Finger Lakes Chapter NECA following the International IBEW/NECA National Disease Emergency Response Agreement (NDERA) that was put out on March 16th and then revised on March 19th designed to address the current national public health emergency and to provide guidance for our industry, we want to inform you that IBEW Local 43 & Finger Lakes Chapter NECA have agreed to follow our current Inside Agreement Section 3.23 -Recall Language.
We have also agreed, that if the twenty (20) days are not adequate, we will then review this in the future should it become necessary.
In addition, I asked Executive Director Oppedisano to send correspondence to all signatory contractors requesting that as contractors become aware of any job closings due to (COVID-19), small and large jobsites included, to please email a list of the jobsite(s) and effective dates of the closure along with a list of members names who are affected to the Business Manager and/or Referral Office.
This will help our membership and our contractors keep track of the project's shutting down due to COVID-19, and to reassign members properly when the projects start back up.
Please be advised if you are laid off due to a COVID-19 job closing you are to follow the Local 43 Inside Agreement layoff rules and sign Local 43's out of work list.
IBEW Local 43 and Finger Lakes Chapter NECA have a history of working locally together to our mutual benefit and rest assured we will continue to do so.
Stay safe and be well. 

Alan Marzullo
Business Manager
Card #D869954