March 13, 2020
COVID-19 Prevention Measures
Diocese of Austin COVID-19 Precautionary measures as of March 13, 2020

All scheduled activities will continue as planned until further notice.

Liturgical Celebrations

Mass and Reconciliation schedules remain unchanged in Diocese of Austin Parishes. Parishioners who are concerned about attending Mass due to their own health condition, or that of others, are excused from the Sunday obligation. Parishioners with a high risk of contracting a virus due to illness, age, chronic health conditions or a compromised immune system should remain at home and join the parish in prayer through a spiritual communion. This may also apply to caregivers.

Please link here, If you would like to watch Mass on TV , Broadcasts of Mass .

If you prefer to stay away from crowds at mass, you are welcome to visit our Chapel :
  • Monday - Friday - 7am-9pm
  • Saturday and Sunday - 8am-6:30pm

Other Activities

All other activities at St. Patrick will remain the same.

Please check our website for updated information.

Letter from Fr. Brian Eilers

Dear Beloved St. Patrick Family,

As the entire world is trying to contain the coronavirus and prevent loss of life, we are reminded of our human fragility. Our cooperation with school and event closings is an act of charity for those who are vulnerable to the virus. We are indeed earthen vessels but we carry an immense treasure, the love of Jesus Christ (2 Cor 4:7).

This love within us impels us to be in communion with God and other people. For those who must isolate to protect themselves and vulnerable people around them, I encourage you to connect with God by praying at home and to connect with others with phone calls, etc. If you know someone who is home-bound, give them a call; offer to get any supplies that they need.

For those coming to Mass and participating in other Church activities, we will do our best to not spread any germs with the following precautions:
  • Not attending if we have a cough or other communicable sickness
  • Communion on the Hand only
  • No Communion from the cup
  • No sign of peace
  • No holding of hands during the Our Father
  • No Holy Water in the fonts
  • Hand Sanatizer at Church entrances

Thank you for your love for God and for others. We are God's beloved children and fragile in our human weaknesses. We believe that God's love overcomes our weakness by healing our bodies and souls and heals us eternally through his purifying love.

If I can do anything for you, I will be at or near St. Patrick most of the week. It is easiest to reach my by email -

Peace and Blessings,

Fr. Brian