August 26, 2020

The CVBC would like to extend our thanks to the practice facilities that are listening closely to the information coming from BCCDC and WorkSafeBC and applying that information in their operations wisely.
It is important in this evolving situation that we, as a self-regulated profession, are staying up to date with all of the most current recommendations from respected authorities. As more information emerges on the epidemiology of COVID-19, and as transmission changes in the community, remaining flexible and responding to the changing recommendations for lowering transmission is important.

Included above is the link to the BCCDC website on COVID-19 with updated information specific for BC.

This includes current recommendations on the use of masks, including clear information on what is and is not considered restricted PPE with regards to masks. Generally, when masks are referred to in provincial recommendations, applicable to in clinic use when social distancing is not possible, it is the re-usable or single use non-medical masks that is being referred to. Medical grade N95 respirator masks are still to remain as a priority item only for use in medical setting when treating confirmed or suspect cases of COVID-19.

Please remember, the College, through our By-laws, holds us accountable to protect and serve the public interest in pursuit of the highest medical and ethical standards of the profession in British Columbia.

The College also expects us to contribute to the education of the public in matters relating to and promoting the health and safety of animals and thereby the health and safety of the public, and to do so in accordance with generally recognized standards of integrity, competency and professionalism.

As a reminder, the College does not regulate the specifics within your required practice facility plan on how you apply the current COVID-19 recommendations for operating in the face of a pandemic. That is the role of WorkSafeBC.
Link to CVBC practice guidance document:

Other resources:

Guidance on testing dogs for COVID-19 for BC Veterinarians:

The Continuing Competence Committee has expanded the eligibility for online CE session approvals in light of COVID-19 cancellations of most in-person sessions. The updated policies will be posted to the website after final approval of the revised documents. The office will be reviewing recent applications in the upcoming weeks and the College will be posting a list of CVBC approved CE on our website soon.