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Twin Rivers Communit y,
We know that the current COVID-19 pandemic has created many changes for our students and our communities. In challenging times, there are things we can do to increase our sense of stability and wellness, as well as reduce our stress and anxiety. We realize our current situation is both changing and fluid. With students at home full time, there may be moments of stress, anxiety and even frustration. It's important to pause and take a deep breath. This is unfamiliar, but we can do this. As unsettling world news unfolds, we encourage you to counter that information with those things in your life that you can count on, whether that is knowing you have shelter, food or a family that cares.

You also have a Twin Rivers family that cares. We can provide supports that may help. In response to our state's "stay at home" order and our district's new distance learning programming, we have put together a new online resource on our website to support you. The site can be found HERE.

The resource page includes short videos on different topics such as how to help ease the concerns of your child, how to create a positive environment and the benefits of healthy conversations. We will be virtually bringing in people from around the district - school psychologists, teachers, nurses and others - to share insights and ideas.

The segments are meant to encourage wellness and build capacity with students such as problem solving and coping skills. We also want to empower our parents and ease their concerns. Keep in mind, what determines the extent of a crisis is often our response to it. Some of our upcoming topics will include:
  • Building capacity, resiliency and useful tools with our students
  • Conversations we can have as families to feel empowered and safe
  • Practical examples of how to help guide kids with their schoolwork
  • Activities to do at home that help with stress and frustration
  • Ways to interact with others and stay connected
We also know that these times can impact students who were already struggling with social emotional issues. We have also included a number of hotlines and resources that are available 24 hours a day to support students and adults in crisis.
We know these times are difficult for many and that students, parents and staff may feel isolated. We want you to know that you are never alone and your Twin Rivers family is here to support you any time of day or night.
If you have additional ideas or resources to add to this page, please feel free to email them to
Take care and stay safe!

Lori Grace, Ed.D.
Associate Superintendent of Educational Services
Inspiring each student to extraordinary achievement every day!