March 13, 2020

Dear Life Unlimited Family and Friends,

Yesterday we made program decisions to ensure we were doing everything we could to protect the individuals we support and our staff against the COVID-19 virus. If you missed my letter about these program changes you can find the letter here:

I will be sending regular updates about our plans during this unusual time to this email list that includes our family members, guardians, service coordinators, staff, board members and other partners. To have someone added to this email list send their name and email to
We have been asked questions about our plans concerning individuals who live in homes we support and attend other programs during the day. We support many people in community living who work in the community, go to other community activities, day programs or workshops. The answer is: It depends. Our Program Managers are contacting all community living guardians to get their input. Concerning our homes that have an individual living in them who has a high-risk medical condition, we would like all roommates to adhere to our most aggressive social distancing plans which include not attending other large group activities. For individuals who do not have a high-risk heath condition and are not living with anyone who has a high-risk health condition this decision will be made after talking to guardians. Some guardians may want the person they support to remain active in the community and some may not. Program Managers are contacting all guardians by Monday to discuss their desires for community involvement for the person they support. If you are a guardian and have not heard from your Program Manager by Monday at noon please contact Mary Davis at .

Concerning community employment, we will be supporting our individuals in their community employment positions unless their job closes and then we will work with their team to develop an alternative plan. 

We have a team of exceptional employees who are working on developing a “My Day” daily curriculum that will be followed in our homes Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-3 p.m. We want to make sure that we are staying active, learning, having fun, and doing things we enjoy. Each home will be able to adapt their curriculum plans for the persons supported, but all homes will have use the curriculum. Next week will be a transition week for all of us and I’m sure it will be challenging, but our team is committed to doing whatever it takes to make this difficult situation safe and as enjoyable as possible.

Thank you for your continued support!

Julie Edlund
Chief Executive Officer, Life Unlimited