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Friday, March 27, 2020
City Manager's Update
Top News
State Parks has temporarily closed vehicular traffic to parks experiencing high visitation. On March 26, officials added Silver Strand State Beach to the list, which is dynamic and will be updated regularly. With the parking lot at Silver Strand State Beach closed, the City will monitor the parking situation in the area.

Public health officials are advising those who want to get outdoors to walk, run, hike and bike in their local neighborhoods and walk to parks.

The public is being asked not to congregate in the outdoors and to always maintain a social distance of 6 feet or more when recreating outside. People are asked to stay home if they are sick.
Emergency Operations Center

The City of Coronado Emergency Operations Center, or EOC, is activated whenever there is a need to coordinate the emergency response of City departments, outside government agencies and volunteer groups in response to emergencies, disasters or other significant events. It is activated upon order from the City Manager’s Office.

The level of EOC staffing will vary with the specific emergency situation. Designated personnel report to the EOC, a secured facility where all city responders gather in the event of an emergency to exchange information and make decisions quickly.

EOC 101

With the coronavirus disease 2019, or COVID-19, having been declared a national emergency on March 11, cities across the country have worked to coordinate and manage the emergency.

The City of Coronado has closed most City offices to the public, while keeping phone lines, cell systems and social media active to respond to the community’s needs. When a national emergency is called, such as this pandemic, Coronado officials, their public safety teams, public services, finance and other key City services are called to activate the EOC to advise residents and coordinate their efforts to save lives and to continue public services that are necessary for life.

The EOC is led by the City Manager, police or fire chief or whatever department head is closest to the emergency situation.

In activating its EOC, the City quickly establishes operation periods, providing public information, documenting processes such as medical screenings and tracking costs. The City also establishes meetings and conference call schedules, updates situation reports, and organizes logistics for obtaining scarce resources.

The EOC includes dedicated telephones, computers, radios, conference rooms, restrooms and office areas. There is sufficient emergency power to support all primary EOC operations. The EOC is equipped with emergency meals, drinking water and a limited supply of resources to support extended operations.

EOC Location/Priorities

The City of Coronado’s EOC is a central physical location where key City staff regularly gather to make decisions and set priorities. During this pandemic, not all staff will report to the EOC but will check in as needed. The City’s EOC is a designated facility at 700 Orange Ave. in the same building as the Coronado Police Department.

The following are priorities when conducting and coordinating disaster operations: Meeting the immediate needs of people, for example rescue, evacuation, medical care, food, shelter, and clothing.

  1. Restoration and maintenance of facilities, whether public or privately owned, that are essential to the health, safety and welfare of citizens, such as sanitation, water, electricity, road, street, and highway repair.
  2. Meeting the rehabilitation needs of people, including temporary housing, food, employment, etc.
  3. As much as possible, providing for the recovery of the community to its pre-disaster state.
COVID-19 and the EOC

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented some unique circumstances due to the need for social distancing. As a result, Coronado has activated its EOC “virtually” using the power of technology. EOC Sections collaborate daily, ensuring situational awareness, completion of assigned tasks and preparing operational plans for the next day and the days ahead.
When was the COVID-19 EOC activated? 
On March 19 at 7 a.m.

Why is the EOC important to Coronado residents and businesses? 
EOC activation enhances coordination among City departments, agencies and the region. Working in concert with the County’s Office of Emergency Services, the City’s EOC serves as a key component for obtaining additional aid and assistance. This can prove beneficial for emergency response and recovery efforts. 

Who is typically in charge of the City’s EOC? 
The EOC Director is in charge of the EOC. This assignment can range from the City Manager, Fire Chief, Police Chief or other senior staff official depending on incident scope and complexity. 

Who is part of the EOC? 
The EOC is comprised of members from various city departments including Police and Fire, Public Services, Recreation, City Manager’s Office and others. 

What are the various levels of operation and what is the City’s currently? 
There are three levels of EOC Activation. Level 1 being the highest. The level is typically based upon the number of EOC positions that are being staffed. Currently, we are at a Level 3 activation; however, this may change depending on the COVID-19 impact to the community.

The need for a dedicated EOC in Coronado is clear. When the City experiences a public health or other type of emergency, the community can be assured that City staff is prepared at a moment’s notice to open its EOC and be ready to respond.

COVID-19 is a pandemic infectious disease that may result in many deaths. San Diego County is experiencing increasing cases of community spread. Events are rapidly evolving, and actions are being taken to protect people, especially at-risk populations. EOC officials continually monitor COVID-19-related activities in the region.

A Local Declaration of Emergency was declared. The City set up a Call Center to connect with the community, to hear concerns, answer questions and provide help as needed. A COVID-19 informational page is in place on the City’s website. A volunteer coordinator is in place to coordinate volunteer efforts within the City and in conjunction with County Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster, or VOAD.
Coronado is Constantly Preparing/Reviewing

The City is ready to take appropriate action to ensure protection of life safety and property, maintain communications internally, with its Call Center for community needs, and to ensure key staff and public information officials have current situational awareness.

After an emergency, the EOC director and staff assesses the City’s response looking for areas that can be improved and prepares reports and improvement plans.

Recommendations are made for correcting gaps and weaknesses and improving overall response. Emergency response is a continuous process of planning, training, exercising, and evaluation.
Coronavirus Information Webpage
The City's dedicated Coronavirus Information webpage outlines the additional precautionary measures Coronado officials have taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The  page  can be found on the City's website and includes links to the San Diego County Public Health and Human Services Agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization, which contains information on how to keep safe. Click here to visit the web page.
Volunteer Opportunities and Resources
Neighbor-to-Neighbor (N-2-N) is a program built on neighbors looking out for and helping one another. With multiple help-your-neighbor efforts springing up around Coronado immediately after the declaration of a national emergency, a group of citizens approached the City to propose a unified and coordinated effort to provide support to our citizens and neighbors. Through this partnership, local volunteers, your neighbors, with the support of the City of Coronado, are undertaking initiatives to get the word out to all our citizens; helping deliver food, medications, and other needs to people needing assistance; providing critical transportation for those in need; and coordinating donations to assist those suffering severe financial hardship during these times. In the days to come, look for a neighbor to reach out to you about this program. Again, the program is entirely voluntary and run by volunteers but during these uncertain times it is important that we maintain our sense of community. If you do not receive information regarding this program and want to participate please contact the Neighbor-to-Neighbor (N-2-N) program coordinator at or contact the Coronado Call Center at (619) 522-6380.
The American Red Cross will hold a blood drive from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Thursday, April 9, at the Coronado Community Center. See flier below. To schedule an appointment, log onto The Red Cross is closely monitoring COVID-19. The Red Cross said it urgently needs planned blood drives to run as planned.
Business Information
The Coronado Chamber of Commerce and Coronado MainStreet have pages dedicated to local restaurants and businesses, those that are open, their hours, addresses and websites. Check it out if you need a meal or want to know the hours of gas stations, pharmacies and grocery stores. As things are changing hourly, call in advance to be sure a business is open. Thanks to the Chamber and MainStreet for this service.
Coronado Call Center
Coronado has set up a call center to help answer questions and hear the concerns of residents. Please call (619) 522-6380 if you are concerned about a neighbor or family member, have concerns about food and other resources, or if you have questions about our local schools, City services or City business. Don't hesitate to call us. The call center is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., seven days a week.

(619) 522-6380
Safe at Home but Not Alone
On March 20, the City began its  Safe at Home but Not Alone  community outreach to connect with the community through programming on Coronado TV and via social media. The City will begin broadcasting programs it typically offers at the Library, Spreckels Center and Community Center such as yoga, Library Storyhour and Cultural Arts videos. In partnership with the Library, Recreation Department and Cultural Arts Commission, the City is engaging staff, local creatives and teachers to provide programming that otherwise would not be available to our citizens during this time. Click here to download CoronadoTV Program guide.

Animal Care Facility
The Coronado Animal Care Facility has suspended adoptions. PAWS of Coronado staff, who run the facility on behalf of the City, will take care of the animals with adjusted procedures to make sure it is operated in a safe manner. Call for any questions, (619) 522-7371. PAWS is suspending the processing of licenses at this time and will notify the community when this service is once again available
Stay Informed, Coronado
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