COVID-19 Update & Survey Request
Dear Members and Friends of First Church,

As a community of faith, we are called to love God, our neighbors, and ourselves. During this uniquely challenging time, we continue to seek new and innovative ways to express all three of these loves. I am particularly proud of how First Church has shifted to an online worship platform within a short period of time as well as the ways in which we connect and care for our neighbors and ourselves. 

As we know, our State’s government is beginning the cautious process of reopening many aspects of our community. According to the State of Connecticut, religious services of no more than 50 people are now permitted, albeit with significant new safety measures in place.

With this particular virus, we understand that any form of in-person worship could lead to a potential outbreak. We also recognize there is much we do not yet fully understand about this virus.   After much thought and prayer, the clergy, staff and lay leadership of First Church, along with guidance from the larger United Church of Christ, decided that the safest, most welcoming and loving decision was to continue to worship and work remotely through the summer months.

Ultimately, our clergy, staff and lay leadership will prayerfully and judiciously determine what is best for our local church. Consulting the best available guidance, we will discern when and how we begin to return to in-person activities. Our staff, leaders, and other volunteers are working hard to ensure that we are ready to welcome you back to the Meetinghouse as soon as it is safe to do so.

In the meantime, know that I am truly inspired by the way we are being church to one another and not just doing church. Our Meetinghouse may be mostly empty, but the love of God still dwells in each of our hearts. We cannot eat together, but we are feeding our neighbors more generously than we ever have. We cannot physically connect, yet our connections abound.

Thank you for all that you do to make First Church a beautiful home for God’s eternal love. It is a sincere privilege to serve as your pastor.

Grace & Peace,

Click Here for a link to survey to share with us your feelings on what will need to be in place before you are comfortable returning to in-person worship. Your feedback at this time would be greatly appreciated.