COVID-19 UPDATE - April 7, 2020
What do you have questions about?
We know there is an information overload right now. It can be difficult to remember what's happening on campus and to separate fact from rumours.

We are here to answer those questions for you. If we don't have the answer, we'll find it for you. You'll hear right from our Dean, Dr. Tom Phenix and others (depending on what you're asking about).

Submit questions either anonymously or with your contact information so we can reach out to you directly.

All questions will be complied into a FAQ which will be posted on our website for your reference and we'll put together a video on our Facebook page of all the answers!
Student emergency funding & laptops available
Campion has bought some laptops to loan out and we have an emergency student fund for those who have been significantly impacted financially by the COVID-19 outbreak.

The laptops are available to those with no access to technology to complete their studies. Funds are available to Campion students who need support to afford essentials during this difficult time and does not include funds for things like tuition and books.
Student loans - delayed but on the way
Applied for a student loan lately? While the application part of the website was fine, there has been some significant delays for the information to be sent on to colleges and universities.

We are now receiving student loan information and are working on processing all the applications!
How else can we help you?
  • Need a little help figuring out your schedule? The Registrar's office can still advise you remotely via phone, email, or zoom. Send them an email to to set up an appointment.
  • Questions about references, how to do research remotely, and even renewing books? Reach out to our Library staff at
  • Want to connect via zoom with some other students for regular virtual coffee meetups? Join the Campion Campus Ministry Connect group on Facebook or email Kelly Bourke to be on the list at
  • For all other questions, reach out to our general inbox which we are checking throughout the day: