COVID-19 UPDATE - April 17, 2020
Student loans site issues
There are currently issues on the student loans website, both for students applying and for institutions to access the information. Please know that they are actively working to fix the problems and that you're not necessarily doing something wrong if it isn't working!

If you are in urgent need, apply for Campion emergency funds here.
Winter semester grades
We know you're in the thick of finals and final papers, so we thought we would give you a quick how-to in case you choose to use the grading alternatives. Full details about the grading alternatives can be found at:
Option #1: Traditional numerical grade
When you get your final numerical grades, if you would like to keep them as is, you do not need to do anything. That is how they will appear on your transcript and they will be included in the calculation for your GPA.
Option #2: The COVID letter grades

For the Winter 2020 semester only, there are 2 additional alternatives: CRC (Credit COVID 19) and NCC (Non-Credit COVID 19). There will be a form on UR Self Service that will allow you to choose one of these options for a class but note that once you submit the request, it is immediate and irreversible.

A “CRC” grade:
  • is considered a credit/pass,
  • does not impact GPA,
  • can be used in degree completion requirements, and
  • may have some impact on eligibility for funding or financial awards.

An “NCC” grade:
  • students who do not pass due to failure to complete a final exam or other required component of the course, will not be eligible for “NCC,”
  • does not impact GPA, and
  • does not count toward degree completion.

After you have received your marks, you can always reach out to us to have a conversation about your options. Email your usual advisor or to set up a time to talk.
Spring / Summer semester updates
The 2020 Spring and Summer courses will all be offered through distance learning. This will be done in one of two ways:
  • via a scheduled Zoom online class for you to "attend" like you would an in-person class, or
  • with the materials (like pre-recorded videos) posted for you to review on your own schedule.

Classes in UR Self-Service will indicate which method will be used.

NOTE: For the Spring and Summer semesters, students will not be charged the $98 Recreation and Athletic fee. As well, URSU has informed us that the regular URSU fees will be charged for the spring/summer semester, except for the $87.60 UPASS (bus pass) fee.
Parking fee update
If you have a parking permit that is valid to the end of April 2020, you will receive a credit to your student account for the amount paid for parking for the entire month of April. The credit will be applied directly against future tuition and residence charges.

If your student account has a credit balance and you are graduating or not returning to the University of Regina after this semester, you are asked to make refund arrangements in-person at Financial Services when campus operations return to normal or by contacting

Permit parking fees will no longer be charged until normal university operations resume. At that time, the Parking Services website will be updated with permit sale dates.
How can we help you?
  • Need a little help figuring out your schedule? The Registrar's office can still advise you remotely via phone, email, or zoom. Send them an email to to set up an appointment.
  • Questions about references, how to do research remotely, and even renewing books? Reach out to our Library staff at
  • Want to connect via zoom with some other students for regular virtual coffee meetups? Join the Campion Campus Ministry Connect group on Facebook or email Kelly Bourke to be on the list at
  • For all other questions, reach out to our general inbox which we are checking throughout the day: