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COVID-19 Update, 1/15/21
January 15, 2021 |
Status Update as of 1/14/21 from ADH Website: 

  • Total cumulative cases in Arkansas - 264,511
  • New confirmed cases since 1/13 - 2,491
  • Active cases - 17,357
  • Recovered patients - 193,321
  • Deaths - 4,228
  • Patients in the hospital - 1,295
  • Patients on ventilators - 241
Free COVID-19 Tests for Primary Care Clinics

Starting next week, the Arkansas Department of Health will be providing, on a one-time basis, point-of-care COVID-19 Antigen test kits (ABBOTT BINAX Kits) to physician clinics across the state. These tests are intended for diagnostic use on symptomatic patients, not for screenings.

These point of care tests are packaged 40 individual test kits in each box. ADH is allotting up to 5 boxes per clinic for this project (based on the number of clinics participating). If additional boxes are available based on the number of clinics wanting to participate, we will increase the number provided based on our current inventory.

All kits will be sent to a central point of distribution (POD) within each hospital region. Clinics will be responsible for picking those kits up on the date and timeframe that will be provided once all orders have been compiled. These PODs will be coordinated and staffed by the ADH Regional Preparedness Coordinators. Please ensure that your clinic has the ability to pick up your supplies at the location and times provided once all orders are placed.

They ask that while multiple physicians within a single clinic may receive this email correspondence, only one order per clinic be should be made, and not individual orders by physician. Please coordinate this within your clinic prior to placing orders. Clinics with multiple physicians who are participating, may receive additional kits based on availability. This will be communicated directly with your clinic once allotments have been finalized.

After reading through the plan, and if your clinic is interested in this project, please complete the order form below by the close of business January 27, 2021

For specific questions regarding this project please email:
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