COVID-19 Update #1
Virtual Learning Details, FAQs
Dear Dayton Christian Families,

Information is critical as we navigate this ever-changing time in our world. We are equally committed to keeping you informed as we are to keeping your children healthy and safe.

For that reason, we have created a web page dedicated to housing all communication sent out on the COVID-19 situation pertaining to our school and our students. This page provides you with a history of our decisions as well as links to other reliable sources such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Ohio Department of Health.

You will also find a link to DC Connect, which will become the main source of communication between you and your child’s teacher for the next three weeks. We ask for grace to be our focus with one another during this time as our teachers and families work toward academic excellence through virtual learning.

You will be hearing from your child’s teacher soon. Meanwhile, we have created the following FAQs to help answer many questions you may have about learning, access to the building, and upcoming breaks.

What is virtual learning?
Virtual learning will look different for each grade level and each teacher. It is a flexible platform, which means students will access lessons and activities each day when it is most convenient for them and their family.

Virtual learning does not mean a child is required to “attend” a virtual class between the traditional 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. time frame. Take the lead from your child’s teacher, knowing that all parties involved are extending grace to one another in the process.

When will virtual learning start?
Virtual learning will start for all students PreK-12 on Wednesday, March 18. Again, this does not mean that your child needs to log in for a specific class period, but rather that daily lessons will be posted and assigned beginning on that date. 

Elementary students (grades PreK-6) will have a “soft start” on March 18, which means only one or two subjects will begin for the first couple of days. This will allow families and teachers to ease into the new platform and have time to ask questions and adjust.

Junior high and high school students, who tend to be much more proficient at DC Connect, should expect to see all subjects up and running beginning on March 18.

What if I forgot mine or my child's DC Connect password?
Our IT team is ready and willing to help. All you have to do is email to ask for assistance. We have a team of individuals who check this email everyday.

How long will virtual learning take place?
As of today, we plan to continue virtual learning through April 3. This is subject to change given the news we receive on a daily basis from state leaders.

What if my child needs materials they left at school?
We understand that not all students may have left school on Thursday, March 12 with the materials they need. For this reason, we will allow students to come into our building on Monday, March 16 from noon to 1 p.m. Please respect this specific time as teachers and staff will be involved in additional training outside of these times.

How do these three weeks impact our scheduled Easter and Spring Break?
As of today, we plan to still honor the Easter and Spring Break scheduled for April 10-17. We are able to do this given our plan to continue learning over the next three weeks through our virtual method. However, please note that this is subject to change depending on how the situation continues to unfold.

How does DC plan to help families and children impacted by this crisis?
The Dayton Christian PTO has partnered with Shoes for the Shoeless to provide boxed meals to any DC family who is in need during this time. If you would like to receive assistance, please contact PTO President Emily Vaccar at

Now more than ever, I’m covering our community and students in prayer confident that our God will uphold and unite us during this unprecedented time.


Dr. John S. Gredy
DCS Head of School