COVID-19 Update #295

A refundable tax credit program is available for small to midsize companies with less than 500 employees through the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act. This program reimburses employers who award sick time to their employees to receive or recover from COVID-19 vaccinations.

This is another available option to help with vaccination rates at no cost to the employer.

Eligibility Criteria
Tax credits are available to eligible employers that pay sick and family leave for time off between April 1, 2021 and Sept. 30, 2021. It can be used for both one-dose and two-dose vaccinations. However, arrangement for the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccinations is preferred due to no three week wait for the second dose and the sun-setting of this program on Sept. 30.

Toolkit Overview
To assist HFAM members interested in using this tax credit program, the Brighton Consulting Group created a toolkit of resources, see below. Included are a short video explaining the program and resources available, as well as links to sample documents and resources to assist members with the submission process.

Resource Links
  • Instructional video: Enter Passcode: vzUsG$6%
  • This brief, 12-minute video featuring Jeff Steggerda of the Brighton Consulting Group provides a comprehensive overview of the tax credit program and instructions on how to use the resource documents available below to assist with the submission process.

  • IRS ARP Reference Document: Employers are entitled to tax credits for providing paid leave to employees who take time off related to COVID-19 vaccinations – updated 7/28/21

Supply Chain Update

Issues within the supply chain continue and is being further strained both domestically and globally, for all goods and services. Delays in availability and cost increases are having a major impact.
Review letter from Jim Boyle, Executive Vice President, Medline Industries, Inc. on steps the company has taken to address the supply chain concerns.
Reminder: Rapid Point-Of-Care (POC) Testing Supplies Request

If your center needs to place a request for Rapid Point of Care POC testing supplies, please use this form from the Maryland Department of Health (MDH).

All Rapid POC Testing Supplies Requests are reviewed on a weekly basis. Therefore, we would encourage you to submit this request for Rapid POC Testing Supplies at least two weeks in advance of the date that you will need the supplies in your possession. Submission of a request later than two weeks in advance does not automatically result in your request being denied.

Please note that this is a request, and submission of this request does not guarantee any allocation of Rapid POC Testing Supplies.

If you have questions regarding submission of this request, you can contact
NHSN Seeking COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Information

All National Healthcare Safety Network facility users should have received an email from NHSN detailing the importance of accurate and timely information on COVID-19 Vaccine supply. Read More
Maryland Department of Health Updates

Quality Assessment FY 2022: Please see the Quality Assessment memorandum and Reporting Forms for FY 2022. 

Please note that the Quality Assessment requirements do not apply to facilities with less than 45 beds or facilities that are classified as continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs).  

Medicare Coinsurance Worksheet: Click here for the Medicare Coinsurance Worksheet for services delivered between 7/1 and 12/31/2021.  
Nursing Home Media Toolkit

Check out the Nursing Home Media Toolkit from the Maryland Department of Health. The password to access the materials is Vaccine2021.

Please use the materials in this media toolkit to spread the word about vaccination with staff.

You'll find flyers, ads, social media posts, videos, and posters. 
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