March 20, 2020- UPDATE #3

Dear Union Bank Customers:

We wish to keep you updated as we continue to provide the banking services you need during this health emergency. Branch drive-up-only service is working well and thank you for your flexibility.

Next week, March 23-27, we are testing expanded weekday drive-up hours. Branches with Saturday drive-up hours will continue unchanged. Our lobbies will continue to be closed in our continued effort to protect our customers, staff, and local communities. Listed below are the drive-up hours for the coming week. We will reassess the operating hours for the following week (March 30) based on customer usage, health department guidance and staff availability.

Also listed below you will find information about our remote banking services that include online banking, mobile banking, and our convenient ATM network. Another important service during this health crisis is to encourage the use of your Union Bank debit card and adding the Apple Pay feature so you can make secure purchases in stores. In addition to attractive benefits and convenience, using your debit card allows you to avoid the unnecessary handling of cash. Not touching cash is another precaution we can all take since germs are easily transmitted on cash and paper currency is not easily disinfected. 

We recognize how the coronavirus is impacting our communities in many ways, medically and economically, including our customers' ability to work and receive paychecks. If you are anxious or concerned about making loan payments or having other financial difficulties, please call us at 802.888.0459 (loans) or at the applicable branch phone number listed below (other banking needs) to talk through options you may have during this difficult time.

Please be assured, you will continue to have access to your accounts.

We are here to help and we will get through this together.

Thank you.

What if I need to access my Safe Deposit Box, open a new account, or want to discuss a new loan?

Safe Deposit Box Access: If you need to access your safe deposit box, please contact your branch at the phone number listed above to schedule an appointment.

New Deposit Account: We will continue to open new accounts during this challenging time. Call to schedule an appointment to come in to open an account, or consider additional options that we will discuss with you when you call that may save you a trip to the branch and help address the social-distancing directive of the government and CDC.

 New or in-Process Loan: Contact your local loan officer, your local branch at the phone number listed above or call 800.753.4343.  Commercial customers , please contact your lender. If you are unsure of the correct contact number, go to for a listing of our commercial lenders.

Other Questions/needs : Call us and ask. We will work with you on the best way to meet your needs.

Available tools for all of your banking needs
Many of our customers make use of some of our banking services. Now may be a good time to try some of these additional free services that can assist you during this difficult time:

  •  Inquire on account balances
  •  Transfer funds between accounts
  •  Transfer funds to others using our Pay Others (P2P) services
  •  Transfer Funds to/from your accounts at other institutions
  •  Deposit checks using the Mobile Deposit function on our app

If you have not yet tried our free Online and Mobile Banking services, consider signing up today at . Go to the Log In prompt at , select Sign Up and follow the prompts.

If you are an existing Online or Mobile Banking customer and you wish to try some of the additional functionality available to you, log in and explore. If you have questions, please contact our Customer Care Team at 800.753.4343 and we will be happy to help.

Consider using any of our ATMs, or any of the 55,000 no-fee Allpoint ATMS to access cash using your Union Bank ATM or Debit Card.

In addition to mobile check deposit and drive-through banking, you can also deposit checks or cash at those conveniently located ATMs * located at our branches.

*Union Bank ATMs located separately from our branches may not accept deposits
For added convenience, this simple and secure service allows you to deposit checks into your account without coming to the bank. Download the Union Bank Mobile App.

If you are not quite ready to try online banking, consider using our Telebanking system. You can find account balances and transfer funds between your Union Bank accounts with Telebanking. With your account number and social security number (or tax ID number) handy, call 800.583.2869, and follow the prompts.  

To guard against fraud, sign up for and begin using the Card Valet App.  The app alerts you to any transactions posting to your debit card, and allows you to turn it on or off, or to designate the areas (geographic or industry category) where your debit card may be used.
What if I still have banking questions?
If you have questions, call us at 800.753.4343, or call your local branch at the numbers listed in the table above.

Together we want to help you, our staff and our communities to get through these uncertain times. We will notify you of any additional changes that occur, and when these currently branch access changes are lifted.

Thank you for entrusting your financial needs with us!

Here are some links with information and helpful recommendations that you may wish to follow, as well as listing of the symptoms to be aware of for coronavirus:
Helpful Links


Thank you for banking with us. Please call 1.800.753.4343 (or your local branch) during normal banking hours with questions or if you have concerns regarding the authenticity of this email.