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COVID-19 Update, 4/13/21
Status Update as of 4/12/21 from ADH Website: 

  • Total cumulative cases in Arkansas - 332,222
  • New confirmed cases since 4/11- 69
  • Active cases - 1,121
  • Deaths -5,665
  • Patients in the hospital - 156
  • Patients on ventilators - 17
ADH, CDC Call for Immediate Pause of Johnson & Johnson Vaccine

Jennifer Dillaha, MD, Medical Director for Immunizations for the Arkansas Department of Health, is telling vaccine providers to immediately pause the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to reported cases of a rare and severe blood clot disorder that develops about two weeks after vaccination.

According to the CDC, "COVID-19 vaccine safety is a top priority for the federal government, and we take all reports of health problems following COVID-19 vaccination very seriously," the CDC press release stated. The CDC will be meeting today to further review these cases and assess their potential significance.

The Arkansas Department of Health will have more information coming soon.
From ACHI: COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy Declines but Concerns Remain

Survey data collected by the Kaiser Family Foundation between March 15 and March 22 indicates a positive shift in COVID-19 vaccine acceptance among Americans but also includes some concerning trends among more vaccine-hesitant populations, writes ACHI Policy Analyst Elizabeth Montgomery in a recent blog post.

The survey of 1,862 adults found that 32% of respondents reported having already received the vaccine, up 14% from February. Additionally, 17% of respondents reported taking a “wait and see” approach before deciding whether to take the vaccine, a 5% decrease from February. Fifty-five percent of Black adults reported having already received or planning to receive the vaccine, up 14% from February. Sixty-one percent of Hispanic adults reported having already received or planning to receive the vaccine, an increase of 9% from February.

The data unfortunately showed little change among more vaccine-hesitant respondents, including those who reported they would take the vaccine “only if required” and those who would “definitely not” take the vaccine. Since the Kaiser Family Foundation began fielding the survey in December 2020, the percentage of total respondents reporting they would “definitely not” receive the vaccine has remained steady, ranging between 13% and 15%.

COVID Vaccination Program for Clinics:
On-Demand Training
Is your clinic interested in offering the COVID-19 Vaccine to your patients? If so, check out the COVID Vaccination Program for Clinics Training Webinar that was held on March 31 with the Arkansas Department of Health.

CMS COVID-19 Vaccine Resources: Reaching Vulnerable Populations

As COVID-19 vaccines continue rolling out across the country, CMS is taking action to protect the health and safety of our nation’s patients and providers and keeping you updated on the latest COVID-19 resources from HHS, CDC and CMS.

With information coming from many different sources, CMS has up-to-date resources and materials to help you share important and relevant information on the COVID-19 vaccine with the people that you serve. You can find these and more resources on the COVID-19 Partner Resources Page and the HHS COVID Education Campaign page. We look forward to partnering with you to promote vaccine safety and encourage our beneficiaries to get vaccinated when they have the opportunity. For more information, visit the CMS COVID-19 Policies and Guidance page.

Many groups such as older adults and people with disabilities may have substantial challenges accessing COVID-19 vaccination services and warrant specific considerations to support equitable vaccine access. The CDC has provided guidance, tools and toolkits and other COVID-19 vaccine resources to support vulnerable populations who are a higher risk, to help them make decisions, protect their health, and communicate with their communities.

Toolkit for People with Disabilities - The CDC has created a toolkit to help people with disabilities and those who serve or care for them make decisions, protect their health, and communicate with their communities. This toolkit has several resources including:

Vaccinating Homebound Persons With COVID-19 Vaccine - COVID-19 vaccination of homebound persons presents unique challenges to ensure safe and effective vaccination, This webpage provides guidance on management of vaccines and vaccination for persons vaccinated at home or in small group settings.

Toolkit for People Experiencing Homelessness – This webpage provides guidance and tools to help homeless service providers make decisions and protect and communicate with staff and with people who are experiencing homelessness.

COVID-19 vaccines for patients in dialysis clinics - The federal government is partnering with dialysis organizations, local and state jurisdictions to increase access to COVID-19 vaccines for patients and healthcare personnel in outpatient dialysis clinics. This webpage provides information for dialysis partners and public health jurisdictions to ensure equitable and effective access to COVID-19 vaccines and increase availability of COVID-19 vaccines for patients in dialysis clinics.
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