April 2, 2020
Always Safety First!

As we continue to navigate this unprecedented, complex and challenging situation, Safety First remains our mantra and mandate!

The construction industry will continue to be under great scrutiny, and strict compliance with all applicable safety standards and laws is critical not only so that construction can continue, but most importantly to ensure our workers, friends and family, and communities remain safe.

Visit the HBA COVID-19 webpage for safety information and sample documents to help you stay safe and informed.  It is YOUR responsibility to keep your jobsites and workers safe.

CARES Paycheck Protection Program

Beginning April 3, 2020 , the CARES Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) offers forgivable loans to small business owners including business entities employing up to 500 employees, sole proprietors, 501(c)3 charitable corporations, and certain veterans’ organizations. If spent in accordance with SBA requirements the entire loan becomes forgivable.  

Contact your local bank to see if you should apply. Application here
Austin Energy Green Building Update

All Austin Energy Green Building staff are teleworking. Project site visits will not be performed in person at this time, however some, particularly residential, site visits may be conducted virtually. Applications and project documentation can be submitted using the Online Rating System Austin Green Energy Website
Federal Housing Administration Policy Updates

Read the FHA's policy updates related to COVID-19 here.
HBA Offers Assistance to Travis County and City of Austin

The HBA has reached out to City and County Representatives to offer assistance in preparing effective safety guidelines and processes for the construction industry. These included: 

  • Judge Eckhardt – Travis County Judge
  • Cynthia McDonald – Travis County Executive of Transportation & Natural Resources
  • Steve Adler – Austin Mayor
  • Spencer Cronk – Austin City Manager
  • Rodney Gonzales – Austin Assistant City Manager
  • Denise Lucas – Austin Director of Development Services Department
Your HBA Staff, Board and other volunteer Members,
continue to work diligently to advocate on behalf of all HBA Members
to keep the construction industry moving so our community has safe housing.
Please visit the HBA COVID-19 web page for updates   www.hbaaustin.com/covid-19

This information is not intended to provide legal advice, nor be the authority on COVID-19
updates, and we cannot guarantee real-time updates on every matter. We provide this
information as a courtesy for you to use in conjunction with your due diligence.