April 20, 2020 | Issue 25
ADA Provides Resources as States Consider Reopening
Over the weekend the ADA released new information to aid dental offices as some states prepare to reopen. Please note: Governor Kim Reynolds' mandate closing dental offices for elective and non-emergent care through April 30 in Iowa is still in effect . Other states are lifting similar mandates, allowing dental offices to reopen. The ADA recognizes that local and state government decisions supersede ADA recommendations.

To date, COVID-19 tests have not been made available to dental offices. Therefore, dentists should not assume an asymptomatic patient is COVID-19 free. To minimize the risk of transmission, the ADA has developed interim guidance on PPE . Additionally, the ADA COVID-19 Understanding Masks document was developed to organize information on the different mask types in one location for easy access. Both of these documents will be discussed during today’s IDA membership townhall. 
DPS Manufacturing Reusable Face Shields
Technicians at Dental Prosthetic Services (DPS) have optimized their 3D printers to manufacture reusable face shields.

“Several of our doctors reached out to us as they were searching for PPE to treat emergency patients,” said Kristine Van Cleve, president of DPS. “Our technicians worked to come up with a solution and we are excited to do our part in the fight against COVID-19.”

DPS offers a reusable 3D printed headband with a replaceable face shield. A Face Shield Kit, including a headband, one shield, and a rubber band, is $15 plus shipping. Replacement shields are $4.50 each plus shipping.

For more information, visit www.DPSdental.com/PPE. You can place your order by calling 800.332.3341 or emailing ppe@dpsdental.com.
Largest Number of COVID-19 Cases Reported Sunday
On Sunday the IDPH reported 389 additional positive COVID-19 cases. This is the largest number of cases reported on a single day in Iowa.

Governor Reynolds continues to conduct daily press conferences at 11:00 AM. Access the press conferences via  Facebook and on many local news channels.
Oral Surgeons Asked to Complete PPE Survey
The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) is asking oral surgeons to complete a survey this week. The survey includes questions related to practices' current status.