April 30, 2020 | Issue 33
IDB Offers Guidance for Orthodontics
The Iowa Dental Board has received calls from orthodontists that are concerned about the lag time between seeing patients for periodic exams and has issued the following guidance:

“If you believe that not seeing an active orthodontic patient, due to the increasing amount of time that has lapsed, could cause irreparable harm to your patient, then you should use your professional judgement on providing treatment during this time. This is not a green light to resume orthodontics as normal, but an acknowledgement that the definition of what is urgent per the mandate, may change based on the amount of time that active patients have been untreated.”

Questions regarding this should be directed to the IDA .
Practice Re-opening Resources
The IDA has been fielding many questions from members and dental staff this week regarding PPE and infection control concerns when practices are able to re-open. Below are several resources to help prepare your practice to safely open when the time comes.

Visit the IDA's Coronavirus page for additional resources.
IDB to Host Meeting Tomorrow Morning
The Iowa Dental Board will be hosting a virtual meeting tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM to discuss guidelines for when dental offices re-open. Visit the IDB website for information about how to access the meeting and for the meeting agenda when it becomes available.
Governor's Daily Press Conferences
Governor Reynolds continues to conduct daily press conferences at 11:00 AM. Access the press conferences via  Facebook and on many local news channels.

The governor issues daily press releases regarding the status of COVID-19's effect on Iowans.  Click here to access the most recent press release.