March 16, 2020

Dear students, faculty and staff,
First and foremost, let us thank you for the patience, persistence and encouragement you have demonstrated over the past week. The care you have demonstrated for each other is extraordinary, and is part of the community spirit that sets CIM apart.
Today we have a few more updates and resources to share with you.
As a reminder: Instruction resumes Wednesday, March 18 . CIM and CWRU classes and all lessons will continue for the remainder of the semester. Faculty and students should connect by Tuesday, March 17 at 5pm EDT to ensure all students understand and have access to their materials.
CIM’s IT team is putting together a website with several technology-related resources, including training videos for Microsoft Teams, information about low-cost internet access, links to download helpful apps and much more. It will be available to all faculty, students and staff sometime on Tuesday.
Now that in-person learning has been suspended for the entire semester to reduce the health risks to the entire community, CIM’s main campus building will operate with reduced hours and access points.
  • Only CIM students, faculty and staff may enter the building, and your CIM ID card or access card is required.
  • The only door through which you may enter the building is the handicapped entrance to Pogue Lobby. The Hazel doors (both the street side and Cutter side) are locked. 
  • Beginning Wednesday, March 18, and continuing until further notice, the building will only be open Monday through Saturday from 8am to 8pm. It will be completely closed on Sundays.
Finally, we know we have shared a lot of information with you over the past week, and due to changing conditions, many adjustments were needed. Many questions have been asked for which there are no clear answers yet, but please know that CIM’s small staff is working as quickly as possible to answer them. To make it easier to navigate our new reality, FAQ pages have been posted to CIM’s website, with information on a variety of topics:
These pages, as well as our main response page , will be updated as more information is available, and we’ll keep you apprised via email.
Thank you again for being part of the CIM community.
Brian Sweigart, Senior Associate Dean
Maddi Lucas Tolliver, Senior Director, Artistic and Facilities Operations