March 20, 2020

Dear Faculty,
Due to the increase in COVID-19 cases in Northeast Ohio and in accordance with what many other institutions are implementing, CIM is implementing additional building access policies and further reducing hours. These policies will be in place until at least April 6; we will continue to monitor the situation and update you when additional information is available.
Effective at 8pm on Saturday, March 21, no students will be allowed in the main building until further notice. Essential staff and faculty may be in the building Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8am-5pm only. Faculty will have until Wednesday, March 25, at 5pm, to continue using the building to deliver remote instruction and make preparations for delivering remote instruction from home.
Beginning on Thursday, March 26, faculty will no longer be able to access the main building or any preparatory branch locations for any reason. 
Here are the new hours for the next several days:
  • Friday, March 20 – open until 8pm for faculty, staff and students
  • Saturday, March 21 – open 8am-8pm for faculty, staff and students
  • Sunday, March 22 – closed to all
  • Monday, March 23 – open 8am-5pm for essential faculty and staff only
  • Tuesday, March 24 – open 8am-5pm for essential faculty and staff only
  • Wednesday, March 25 – open 8am-5pm for essential faculty and staff only
  • Thursday, March 26 through at least April 6 – closed to all but essential staff
As a reminder, a CIM ID card is required to enter the building, without exception. You may only enter through the East Blvd entrance; all other entry doors are locked.
Many of you are already teaching from home, and we thank you for making that transition, with all of its inherent complexities. Please know that we are here to support and assist you remotely – while this is difficult, it is so meaningful to our students to continue their classroom and studio instruction.
Paul W. Hogle, President | CEO
Judy Bundra, PhD, Chief Academic Officer and Dean