COVID-19 Update
January 20, 2020

Chapter Communications to Staff Regarding Vaccinations
When drafting communications to your Chapters about the vaccination process, we encourage Chapters to be as clear as possible regarding whether the vaccine will be mandatory, and whether the Chapter will be offering paid time off to obtain the vaccine and/or to recover from the vaccine. Additionally, we encourage Chapters to be clear regarding any vaccine incentive programs, keeping in mind the need to ensure that these programs are not discriminatory towards those who are unable to get the vaccine for medical reasons. 

Revised Week 4 Vaccine Prioritization in OPWDD Certified Settings Guidance
The Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD) revised their "
Interim COVID-19 Guidance: Week 4 COVID-19 Vaccine Prioritization in OPWDD Certified Settings
." The revised guidance now includes non-residential certified facility transportation staff as eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. Chapters should review their prioritization lists to consider how these staff will be scheduled for vaccine appointments.
Second Round of Economic Impact Payments
Congress authorized another round of stimulus checks, called Economic Impact Payments (EIPs), in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Arc US developed a brief guide to the latest round of stimulus payments, which is available in English and SpanishEligibility is similar to the previous round of EIPs, except payments this round are $600 for individuals and $1,200 for married couples who filed jointly. There is a $600 supplemental credit per child age 16 or younger. If you previously received the first round stimulus payment, you should automatically receive this round as well. More information, including eligibility verification and payment status can be found here 

The New York State Office of Health Insurance Programs released GIS 21/MA 01 on January 19, 2021, confirming that these funds will be disregarded when determining Medicaid eligibility. 
This and all related updates will be cataloged on The Arc New York COVID-19 Resource Page for future reference. Please contact us if you have questions regarding any of this information. 

Josh Christiana, Director for Quality, Compliance & Chapter Relations

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