COVID-19 Update
March 26, 2020

Day Program Emergency Response Template Clarification
We have received several questions regarding columns 34 (Plan Continuity) and 35 (Agency Providing Substitute Services) on the Day Program Emergency Response Template  [EXCEL 97 Version] shared earlier today. We have received some clarification from OPWDD on these columns. OPWDD's responses are in blue.  
  1. Column 34: For people in our Day Habilitation Programs who are now home with their families, should we be selecting "Alternative Supports"? Are the agencies providing some type of service to these folks while they are at home? If the answer is no, then they would select "Closed." If, in fact, they are, then they would select "alternative service."   
  2. If they are not providing "Alternative Supports"  to these individuals with their families, do they select "closed" in 34 and then "Not Applicable" in 35? Correct.
  3. If a provider answers "Closure" in column 34 for any individual, would that preclude them from billing a retainer day for the individual?  No, a "retainer" day is a payment to retain staff when services cannot be delivered.
  4. Under line 34, Plan Continuity, if an individual resides in another agency's IRA should we be selecting "Closed" or "Alternative Support"? You should be selecting "Alternative Support." 
  5. Do we then indicate the residential provider for line 35? Yes, if there is one. If there isn't, and your agency isn't able to provide supports, then it would be "Closed" in line 34 and N/A in 35.
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Josh Christiana , Associate Executive Director for Quality, Compliance & Chapter Relations

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