March 18, 2020

Dear CIM Community Members,

In the spirit of our commitment to clear and transparent communications during the international COVID-19 crisis, I am writing today to share an additional directive, as well as prepare you for a potential complete closure of the building (main and preparatory branches).

In his press conference today, Ohio Governor Mike DeWine asked that, beginning immediately, all employees take their temperature, every single day, before they come to work. As a result of this statement, and others made by the Governor and Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton, I am asking all community members to take the following steps, immediately:

  • Monitor your temperature and take it prior to coming to the building. If your temperature is above normal or you are experiencing any other symptoms, no matter how mild, such as coughing, shortness of breath, or other feelings of being unwell, stay home. Staff still reporting to CIM should contact their supervisors if they are unable to come in.
  • Prepare for a complete closure of the building. It appears that Ohio could enact a shelter-in-place or similar order that would require a complete closure of all non-essential businesses and agencies. If this were to be ordered, CIM would comply in full. I cannot tell you the potential timing of this, or how long it would last, but I strongly urge you to prepare for another rapid shift in our operations.
  • Faculty who are using the building to teach remotely should plan for continuation of your remote teaching at home.
  • Staff who are still working in the building should examine ways in which essential operations can be accomplished remotely or suspended.
  • Students need to prepare for the possibility that access to practice facilities may be temporarily suspended.

Processing the changes to guidance from local, state and federal agencies is difficult and we are closely monitoring daily announcements and orders. Based on what the Governor has said and what other areas are doing, a complete building closure seems likely in the coming days. Until that time, the building will remain open Monday through Saturday from 8am to 8pm, as announced on March 16 .

The safety of CIM’s community members is of paramount importance, and drives all of the decisions we are making. Please keep your colleagues who may be at a higher risk than you in mind, and stay home if you are experiencing an elevated body temperature or other symptoms, or if you can teach, practice or work from your home.

Our strength as a community continues to be admirable, and I thank you for your continued good spirits throughout this process.


Paul W. Hogle
President | CEO