COVID-19 Leave Request Forms (Download & Distribute)
  • Servant HR has created a leave request form to be utilized by your business for the implementation of a request and approval process for paid sick leave and emergency family and medical leave. Clients should make this available to employees so that they can make a formal, documented request. COVID-19 Leave Request Download Link

COVID-19 Leave Request Process
  • The general process will be for Employees to complete the leave request form and have it approved by the appropriate supervisor at their Client-Site. The form can then be submitted to so that we have it for record-keeping and to confirm that is consistent with what you submit in payroll.

Required Posting (Download, Print & Post)
  • Below is a link to the government approved poster relating to FFCRA to print and post. If physical operations have ceased, email this to employees. FFCRA Poster Download Link

PrismHR Pay Codes and Payroll Processing
  • PrismHR will be providing process steps and new pay codes and processes for clearly processing this leave through payroll. As these leaves do not become effective until April 1 – none of this would be processed in this week’s payroll -so stay tuned for more clear processes on how to provide this data through PrismHR in the coming days.

If you have missed any of our previous updates, they are accessible at Servant HR stands ready to help with every step of this ever-changing process.