The Talk on Tenth

COVID-19 Update: Marquette to Remain Closed Until May 1
School to communicate learning plan for 4/13 - 4/30 prior to  Spring  Break 
Per today's mandate from Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb, Marquette Catholic High School will remain closed until Friday, May 1st. Additionally, all state-mandated testing has been cancelled for the 2019-2020 school year.

"I wanted to take this opportunity to check in with each of you and share that Marquette is still with you during this time of physical separation. While we all certainly miss the day-to-day interactions that our community affords us, this time of seclusion has really motivated us to be particularly grateful for the times in which we have spent together. I liken it to the adage that sometimes we don't know what we have until it is disrupted or lost. To say that I miss our routine, our interactions, and each of you as individuals would be an understatement. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers," principal Allyson Headd said.

Marquette is maintaining its virtual learning schedule for next week, as announced on Friday, March 13th. Our 1:1 technology initiative has helped foster a digital learning environment that enables education to continue. 

The school will observe its originally scheduled Spring Break from March 28th through April 12th. We will communicate plans for the weeks of April 13th through April 30th by the end of next week. 

  • Monday, March 23 - Thursday, March 26 - Virtual Learning Days
  • Friday, March 27 - Off
  • Saturday, March 28 - Easter Sunday, April 12 - Spring Break

We would like to commend our custodial staff for their tireless efforts in sanitizing and deep-cleaning our campus buildings, busses, and carpeting.

During these challenging times, we encourage our families to remain steadfast in their faith. We'll leave you with this message:

"When this is over, may we never again take for granted: a handshake with a stranger, full shelves at the store, conversations with neighbors, a crowded theatre, Friday night out, the taste of communion, a routine checkup, the school rush each morning, coffee with a friend, the stadium roaring, each deep breath, a boring Tuesday, or life itself. 

When this ends, may we find that we have become more like the people we wanted to be, we were called to be, we hoped to be, and may we stay that way - better for each other because of the worst." - Laura Kelly Fanucci